Jan Blomqvist Lyrics

Haunting the romantics
And tainting our time.
From where'd they come?
Why do we have fixed ideas of love eh?
On your eyes they whisper,
Telling what to see
Telling you know me
But is it me you say
You see now?
Can you really live with none,
And see without expectation?
Would it be any fun,
Love without expectation?
Can you really see me?
Do you even want to?
Illusions they are lovely,
Being in control,
Hearing what you want
Reading into people what you want to
Your mind speaks in whispers, always filtering.
But where are you?
You know? and are you sure you think you know?
Can there be life with none, pervasive expectations?
But if you're happy it's not always from satisfying expectations
And like ghosts they wait living in my shadows,
They're definitely all me.
No I can't see them,
I can only meet them
When I wake to the feel

Like killing your lover.
And feeding all the illusions instead
And just ignoring the others
Because i don't want that piece to be dead
But I know cold is the breathing of
The ghost with the golden blood veins
A creeping numbness is killing
Like a frost on a December day
Cool my feet but I won't run,
Cause I can't cheat expectation.
Can there be life with none,
Pervasive expectations?
Would it be
Any fun
Love without
They scarred my thoughts
To cover lies,
Grey as the color of my eyes
And like ghosts who haunt,
Come out of the shadows,
They are definitely all me
I invite them in
And prepare some coffee
And I ask them from
Where they come
Now here they appear
And now here they are absent, my definite
Spin around my head
And abduct my mind,
But they're definitely all me

Writer(s): Jan Freter, Ryan Mathiesen

Contributed by Aaliyah R. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Wilco Halo

best track of remote control


Really don't understand where the dislikes come from, really love that song!

Chase The Sound



Beautiful dreamy lyrics about expectations not letting us to see reality for what it really is.

Viviane Jacques

so cool...come in belgium sooner please

Viviane Jacques

So many yessss!!!!!! You make me feel again impatient...sweet kisses

Patricia Rivera

Jan Blomqvist es un puto AMO

Canal Só GRAVE!



mt calma, excelente !

Elisa Vieira

Beautiful +++

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