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The End of Childhood
Jane Eyre (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:


Haunting and delicate and transports you away from this world... so beautiful... *thank you*. Blessings to you for uploading it for us all to enjoy its truly heartbreaking splendour... Warmest wishes to you and all here who share a love of the work of this wonderful composer... and how he conjures the deepest emotions of the one and only Jane Eyre and that of her passionate creator and author, the young woman from the West Yorkshire Moors (Northern England) Charlotte Brontë (and her two sisters who were also writers, Emily and Anne Brontë - let's not leave out their brother Branwell, whom sadly did not fair well in his short life.)

I feel it's also important to remember that Charlotte first wisely published 'Jane Eyre' under the pen name "Currer Bell" (in order for publishers not to be aware that she was a female author, as sadly and to our eternal great loss, so few female authors were given any respect as writers or artists) with the title, 'Jane Eyre: An Autobiography' ...and it was published on the 16th October, 1847, by Smith, Elder & Company of London, England... with it's release in the United States of America following one year later. Visiting their home at the Brontë Parsonage Museum and Brontë Society in Haworth (West Yorkshire) is a truly wonderful experience ...I grew up beside wild moorlands in the British Isles not so far from there and it is a land truly full of ancient and untamed spirit, legend and breath-taking beauty... it really is a deep part of my soul! Visit us one day if you ever have the chance. ~ x

Katy Kay

This is a wonderful piece of music, so evocative

Abigail Moya


multiverse specimen

Abigail Moya its so captivating and mesmerising.



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