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I said, I don't know where we was going
How you tell me that you love me when you can't even show it
And my heart been through the ringer, I don't feel no emotion
And why your best friend acting tough and tryna cause a commotion
My eyes is full of tears look like I'm fresh out the ocean
And why you steady kissing ass girl I don't give no promotions
Lil bitch, I don't give no promotions
I'm stepping in the game already knew I was chosen
I'm balling so hard ah niggas feel like DeRozan
But fuck that I feel like Jordan and shit
I came with two threes on my feet feel like I'm Jordan and shit
Girl why you hopping out your body you ain't royal and shit
I should of knew that
You did that shit to hurt me
I gave you my all when you know you ain't deserve me
If I didn't have money girl I know you would of curved me
I wish you would of warned me
This love shit isn't for me
I'm better off alone do what I want like Kyrie Irving
Bitches act like bee's since I got LV on my buckle
You blowing up his top leave it to me I'll pop his bubble
I working my hardest this money it get doubled
I'm scratching and clawing Reason why blood on my knuckles
Reason why blood on my knuckles

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Written by: Oluwabunmi Obasa

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Sir Paradox

It’s a shame that I missed out on so many years not listening to this song


beyond epic. you have no idea the symphony you've written. this is beyond words!

Conrad Maslowiec

I’m speechless... so beautiful...


I totally feel the same.


This is beyond amazing!

Beats of Zion

Thanks for this, i really mean it


Soooo good


Listen to this at 4:25am while high, you guys won't believe I'm in real peace 😇

Tio Ban


Ethan bull

What movie are the words in this from

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