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Als ich klein war, war ich glücklicher
Ich kann dir sagen warum - ich war kein Kritiker
Heute bin ich es und ich bin pingelig
Wenn mir etwas nicht passt, ziehe ich's in Dreck
Ich bin wütend auf alles, was ich schau'
Bin nicht wütend weil ich Tüten täglich rauche
Sondern weil ich die Blüten ständig brauche, um zu verstehen
Naja zumindest, um zu tolerier'n, dass ihr mir auf die Nerven geht
In dieser Welt muss ich alleine sein
Me, Myself and I, ihr wisst Bescheid
Meine Wenigkeit in Ewigkeit gefroren zu Eis
Ich bin kalt wie ein Yeti
Will dahin wo Schnee liegt
Wo es kalt ist und nie regnet
Wo Kristalle im Himmel schweben
Wo die Luft gefriert
Das Atmen fällt hier schwer
Ein Yeti und allein
Im eisigen Heim
Weißes Fell, großes Maul, kalte Welt, der Hammer immer grau
Selbst meine Beute lacht mich spöttisch aus
Ich bin nicht so abscheulich, ich sehe nur so aus
Das Feuer in mir ist längst ausgebrannt
Es kommt dir teuer zu steh'n, wenn du nur beschweren kannst
Und so habe ich erkannt, dass die Flamm', die ich sand nicht nur
Alles, was ich hasse, in Asche legen, sie fordern ein Tribut - Teile meiner Seele
Ich bin kalt wie ein Yeti
Will dahin wo Schnee liegt
Wo es kalt ist und nie regnet
Wo Kristalle im Himmel schweben
Wo die Luft gefriert
Das Atmen fällt hier schwer
Ein Yeti und allein
Im eisigen Heim
Glaub alles Schlechte
Aber nichts Gutes
Kann und möcht' nicht lächeln
Sondern nur bluten
Kalt wie Schnee
Kurz davor zu erfrieren
Meine Phobie
Ist die Angst zu lieben
Ich bin kalt wie ein Yeti
Will dahin wo Schnee liegt
Wo es kalt ist und nie regnet
Wo Kristalle im Himmel schweben
Wo die Luft gefriert
Selbst mir fällt hier das Atmen schwer

Ein Yeti und allein
Im eisigen Heim

Overall Meaning

In the verses of Jay's song "Jay 2", the artist reflects on a shift in personality and mindset from his childhood to his current state. He begins by reminiscing about a time when he was happier as a child, attributing this happiness to the fact that he wasn't a critic back then. However, in the present, he has become critical and meticulous. He expresses frustration towards things that don't meet his standards, metaphorically likening his dissatisfaction to dragging them through the mud. This newfound critical nature has made him angry at everything he sees, not due to smoking daily, but rather because he constantly feels the need for understanding through substances, such as flowers, to tolerate the annoyances of others.

Feeling a sense of isolation in the world, he emphasizes the idea of being alone with only himself, emphasizing his own presence in eternity frozen like ice. He describes himself as cold and distant like a Yeti, desiring a place where snow falls constantly, the air is freezing, and crystalline formations grace the sky. In this wintry landscape, breathing becomes laborious, and he feels disconnected and out of place, symbolized by the image of the Yeti in his icy abode with white fur and a somber environment.

This sense of estrangement continues as he sees himself as different from others, almost monstrous in appearance but not in spirit. The fire within him has extinguished long ago, and he acknowledges the toll it takes when one can only complain without action. Jay reaches a point of realization that his destructive tendencies only result in demanding a sacrifice of parts of his soul, further solidifying his metaphorical connection to the mythical Yeti creature.

As the song progresses, Jay delves deeper into his emotional state, confessing a belief in all things negative and an inability to find solace or joy. He rejects the notion of smiling, instead expressing a desire to bleed emotionally. His comparison to the icy, desolate world where Yetis dwell underscores his feelings of detachment and fear. The lyricist reveals his fear of loving and being vulnerable, portraying himself as on the brink of freezing both physically and emotionally.

In the concluding verses, Jay reiterates his desire to retreat to a cold, desolate environment akin to where the Yeti resides. The imagery of snow, freezing air, and floating crystals symbolize his emotional state, where even breathing becomes a challenge. He paints a picture of himself as a solitary figure in his frosty domain, emphasizing his feelings of alienation and emotional numbness. The repetition of the Yeti symbolism throughout the song underscores Jay's sense of isolation, detachment, and inner turmoil, depicting a stark and haunting portrayal of his emotional landscape.

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Jay Vibe

Tee catching a new wave right now. His storytelling is immaculate and it's blowing him up again. He’s definitely in his own lane right now.

Deon'Ta Law

Hell yeah I was just saying that bro got his own shit and it’s flaming rn

TrenchBaby Bre

Best story teller fr I love real music like this 💯



Lone Wolf305

That boy had me like daaaaamn. Tee grizzley on dat

David Ketchell

definitely not a new wave kid.... go listen to - lil boy trey- story.... made years before tee was even rapping

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Frank Zabala

This shit so hard. The vocals, the lyrics, singing over the Aston Martin chorus was 🔥 this niga is killing this shit. This is a real rapper. This is the true art of hip-hop. His story telling is immaculate and I cant wait for the the next one.

305dadecounty y


Relo Playz

replayed the aston martin part 1928473839 times


@Relo Playz LMAOOO me rn ! no cap

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