Truly Julie's Blues
Jay & The Americans Lyrics

When you're thirsty and no one will fill your cup for you
And your well-dressed friends don't want you on their streets
When you're so far down the gutter looks like up to you
I will still be kneeling at your feet

When you can't remember where you left your laughter
And you forget
The definition of your name
When your yesterday sets fire to your ever after
I'll reach down and pull you from the flame
I'll reach down and pull you from the flame

Oh, when all the cripple children
You give strength to
Lay their crutches down
And walk away
When you realize
That all their mothers hate you
I'll be there to hear the things you say
I'll be there
I'll be there

When at last your bitter problems
All ignore you
And you've come out clean and everything is done
And you realize I've been through it all before you
Come down and walk beside me in the sun
Come down and walk beside me in the sun

Contributed by Micah I. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:


Glad you like the video. The actress is Denise Richards. Charlie Sheen met her doing this movie and later married her only to divorce a few years later. Movie is called "Good Advice" and the year released was 2001.

Lawrence Solomons

A forgotten Bob Lind composed gem.Never heared this version though.


Yeah, even Jay agrees that Bob's version is hard to beat. Thanks for your comment.


dunepaul listening again i can see the beauty of this version...i really like it..i only have one record of theirs,,an album called Living above your has a great track called The grass is is singing Jim


Great Song Paul and thanks for the thought Hugs Rosemarie


jay &the americans have plenty of great records. this is but one of them


Thanks you for you opinion. Point taken.


fine song. the orig is more appealing to me


NIce song I'd never heard before. Who is the actress with Charlie Sheen in the vid? Thanks.


Nothing wrong with that.

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