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Finlandia Op. 26
Jean Sibelius Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Jean Sibelius:

Finlandia Oi Suomi, katso, Sinun päiväs koittaa, yön uhka karkoitettu…
Finlandia-hymni Oi, Suomi, katso, sinun päiväs' koittaa Yön uhka karkoitettu…

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Liberty Pastor

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If you reject Him, that's your choice. Perhaps others will read and be saved. That is my prayer.

Aleksi Toivanen

Even though the english lyrics shown here in the video somewhat represent what is being said, the official translation by Keith Bosley shows the lyrical beauty of Finlandia pretty well. It always brings tears to my eyes when the singing starts.

Finland, behold, thy daylight now is dawning,
the threat of night has now been driven away.
The skylark calls across the light of morning,
the blue of heaven lets it have its way,
and now the day the powers of night is scorning:
thy daylight dawns, O Finland of ours!

Finland, arise, and raise towards the highest
thy head now crowned with mighty memory.
Finland, arise, for to the world thou criest
that thou hast thrown off thy slavery,
beneath oppression´s yoke thou never liest.
Thy morning´s come, O Finland of ours!

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Original Judah

You know its a good piece when it makes you feel patriotic for a country that's not your own.

Aaro Pajari

@Frank Eggers You LDS?

Sophia Postma

My former youth orchestra director was 100% Finnish, and we played this for his last concert. He spoke to us for a few minutes before we played, and he actually started tearing up, which was really sweet. I hope to play this piece again, because of all the history behind it.


@posti laatikko I'm a finn and guess what? I give my permission for anyone to enjoy it however they want.

Raimo Leppaniemi

This opus 26 tells all about the mind of the Finnish people. It gives an answer to the question why we Finns have survived no matter what adversaries we have had before us.

Verro Verros

@glasnikov that dide mine to she told i have her army rekords

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Sampo leskelä

This is how it's supposed to be played! There are many version of this by different orchestras. They all seem to lack the certain (Finnish) sentiment. This piece isn't supposed to be joyful, but a bit sad, yet still strong. Excellent.

Ward Dorrity

The Finns are a tough and determined people who have been through much. An admirable culture.


@guanoapes The beginning literally represents the Russian oppression over Finland.

comrade susi wolf

I wish I could have seen you conduct an orchestra. Fox 🦊

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