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The Swan of Tuonela
Jean Sibelius Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Jean Sibelius:

Be Still My Soul Be still my soul the Lord is on thy side Bear…
Finlandia Oi Suomi, katso, Sinun päiväs koittaa, yön uhka karkoitettu…
Finlandia-hymni Oi, Suomi, katso, sinun päiväs' koittaa Yön uhka karkoitettu…

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Comments from YouTube:

Mark Thompson

I used to listen to this as a child. My mother used to play it occasionally. I never knew its name, nor even who the composer was, but I used to picture walking through the gardens of a large country house at night, with the stocks, and night-scents of the flowers filling the air, and the gables of the great house set black against the night sky. That's the beauty of a tone poem- you can see whatever your mind takes you to.

Mark Thompson

@Matt Johnson Yes, I did notice the title above. Still, thank you anyway.

Matt Johnson

The Swan of Tuonela by Jean Sibelius


It's one of the compositions that I have lately been obsessed with. I have Sibelius on my MP3-player and whenever and wherever the Swan of Tuonela starts I am entranced, the real world just stops existing. And quite interestingly, I always find it exhilarating as opposed to melancholy.


@Ole Flogger That's about Finnish melancholy, most beautiful things are the saddest.

Ole Flogger

I don't find it sad at all. Like many other slow classical pieces, for me, it highlights the beauty and diversity of the instruments - a tune fit for that horn, if I may. When I need to destress, I play a series of pieces. This is one of them, but also: Mahler's 4th Symphony, 3rd Mvmt (Ruhevolle), R. Strauss' Death and Transfiguration, Vorspiel und Liebestöd, Largo from Xerxes, Bach-Gounod Ave Maria. There is a wealth of gorgeous music that doesn't have to be sad. Powerful, yes. Just enjoy, young lady. They'll serve you well over time. Oh, and, don't forget that glass (or 2) of Cabernet.

Victoria Fullerton

@Ole Flogger oh the sublime....

Ole Flogger

I love this piece. But, I'm disappointed that so many listeners think of it as full of "sadness". I don't. To me, it is completely, totally, about beauty - supreme beauty.

Brett Hess

My compliments on your excellent taste in music. The Swan is in a class by itself.

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Tickle toes

Thanks to the Billy Fingers book for leading me to this beautiful music.

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