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Valse triste
Jean Sibelius Lyrics

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S:t Petersburgs Radio and TV Symphony Orchestra "God Is Dead?" Lost in the darkness I fade from the light F…

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Be Still My Soul Be still my soul the Lord is on thy side Bear…
Finlandia Oi Suomi, katso, Sinun päiväs koittaa, yön uhka karkoitettu…
Finlandia-hymni Oi, Suomi, katso, sinun päiväs' koittaa Yön uhka karkoitettu…

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Carl Enger

It's great to see all these people from other countries here, and that's what's the most amazing thing about music. I might not understand a word of your language, but we can all speak the language of music and hear this relatively the same way, even if it evokes different emotions in us, we're all humans listening to the same piece of music. And that's the other thing that's most amazing to me about music- in some sense, it's not that specific. But to you, it's completely specific emotionally. You are able to get emotions from things and trigger memories that the piece isn't even trying to get out of you.

Fabio Galletti

Ciao from Italy🙌❤️

viraf mulla

Regards from Mumbai India

Eira Rodriguez

I agree my dear friend!

Eira Rodriguez

A mi me gusta mucho hablar con la gente en todos partes de mundo, yo soy Finlandes, no hablo perfekto ningun lengua, pero siempre he pensando, que la musica une la gente. Buen dia para ti amigo, saludos de Finlandia.

Eira Rodriguez

I don't speak very god english, pero hablo mejor espanol, danish and I'm finish.

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Thru the decades I have, on occasion, tried to get into Jean Sibelius's music. I've always failed. Until now. Too bad it took me so long, but only tonight did I learn of this signature piece of his. I love Shostakovich's music, and in a video Leonard Bernstein mentions that the second movement of Shosty's 9th symphony reminds people of Sibelius's Valse Triste. So I gave Valse Triste a listen tonight for the first time.... AT LAST! Finally I understand the greatness of Sibelius! What a gorgeous, beautiful, haunting piece!


Just like Beethoven, Sibelius' monumental output is divided into periods. He was greatly influenced by how music developed elsewhere during his lifetime. I like the Early and Middle Period, the Late Period is hard for me to appreciate.

You should listen to Sibelius Violin Concerto and Finlandia, too

R.J. Paul

@yowzephyr So right. Isn't it strange that, when all is said and done, it's sad or melancholy music that really make us happy.


If you like haunting pieces, give a try to another masterpiece of Sibelius, the Swan of Tuonela, you might like it as well.

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