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Let me know baby
Got me so crazy but I keep it cool
You ain't 6,5,4,3 or number 2
It's been awhile I'm so in love with you
Trip over myself as I trip over you
Ride with me baby oh
Lie for you baby oh
I know you gon ride with me
I'm a crazy little lady oh
Lay me down repay oh
I say he say I scream
Let me know

You're all I need
Just let me know
I'll set you free
My baby oh baby
Imma set you free
You know imma lay it on the bed
You know Imma lay it right there
Im gon let you know
Let you know
Let you know that I'm all that you need
All that you need
Oh aye, right

You give it to me baby put it low
Eat it so good now I can't let you go
Babe there's no need for all the self control
Fuck all this lookin boy take off my clothes
You know imma ride on it baby oh
Slide on it baby oh
Cum inside throw away the key
Im a crazy little lady oh
Fuck up and repay me oh
You know I know what you mean
Cause you are

You're all I need
You know it you know it
Imma tell me how give it to me now
You know I lay it on the bed yea
You know imma lay it right there
Ooh right there
Cause imma set you free tonight yea

You all I need
You make believe to me baby
I get weak
I never tell you enough but you're all I need
I never tell you enough but you're all I need
Make me weak babe
But you get it get it
But you get it get it every time ooh
I never never tell you enough you was all I need
I never tell you enough but you was all I need

Never never
I never tell you enough but you was all I need

Overall Meaning

In the song "lmk" by Jeanine, the lyrics express a sense of longing, desire, and passion towards a romantic partner. The singer is pleading for communication and yearns for clarity and reassurance from their significant other. The repetition of "Let me know" throughout the song emphasizes the importance of open and honest communication in the relationship. The singer seems to be caught up in the whirlwind of emotions, feeling crazy yet trying to maintain a sense of composure.

The lyrics "You ain't 6,5,4,3 or number 2" suggest that the singer's love interest is unique and unlike anyone else they have known. The mention of stumbling and tripping over each other symbolizes the intense emotions and feelings of being love-struck. The lines "Ride with me baby oh, Lie for you baby oh" convey a willingness to go to great lengths for their partner, emphasizing loyalty and devotion.

As the song progresses, the lyrics take a more intimate and sensual turn. The singer expresses a strong physical attraction towards their partner, using explicit language to convey their desire. The lines "Fuck all this lookin boy take off my clothes" and "Cum inside throw away the key" depict a level of passion and abandon in the relationship. The singer seems to surrender to the intensity of their emotions and physical connection with their partner.

The repeated affirmations of "You're all I need" and "You make me weak" convey a deep emotional dependency on the partner. Despite the passion and desire expressed in the lyrics, there is also a vulnerability and admission of not expressing their feelings enough. The song ends with a plea for understanding and acknowledgment of the partner's importance in their life, emphasizing that they are all the singer needs. Overall, "lmk" by Jeanine explores themes of love, desire, communication, and longing in a complex and passionate relationship.

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