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Jedi Mind Tricks feat. Tragedy Khadafi Lyrics

[Tragedy Khadafi]
You about to witness a two five Jedi Minds collabo
You know what I mean?
The God Jus Allah

[Jus Allah]
Megatraum is a Martian feeding off weed and cash
I dash for my shipment of Roswell crash
You smash when you dash with the clashing ox
Saw you in half without a fucking magical box
Wet pussy always seems to splash my cock
I'm dead they just didn't leave the casket locked
Pass my block I let shots drill in your spleen
We're ill marines with hand held killing machines
Steal dreams with the armored steel
Guard your grill
Nigga, I was brought up by the Kents in Smallville
Following Allah's will, harbouring the skill
Caught up in the real
Don't give me cause to kill
Nocturnal, I stroll where the darkness goes
If I had to follow the moon across the globe
With the staff and white robe
I still hold metal
Disciples who walk on glass and rose petals

[Tragedy Khadafi]
Yo, last rites, we flash to blast twice
[Ikon the Hologram]
Jedi Mind 252 we mad nice
[Tragedy Khadafi]
We smash mics, and blast too precise
[Ikon the Hologram]
Fast 40 days and pray for 40 nights

Yo, I'm savage
I write rhymes in pitch blackness
Any motherfucker that front, is left backless
Y'all motherfuckers just burn into ashes
Trying to step into the zone with Vinnie Paz
It's Black Sabbath
Put a slug in his grill
'Cause Jedi Mind two five thug'n for real
You ever think their might be trouble, then peel
'Cause a motherfucker like me dumpin to kill
Y'all better pass the mic 'cause Vin's ill
Y'all learn the Facts Of Life from Kim Fields
I don't know how many kids my flow harms
My gun control leave y'all with no arms
Y'all love to smell the stench of dead bodies
Left in the path of the pad of Khadafi
Five Nine turn it up, ????? ?????
Animal thug who bust slugs in the lobby

Yo, last rites, we flash to blast twice
Jedi Mind 252 we mad nice
We smash mics, and blast too precise
Fast 40 days and pray for 40 nights

[Tragedy Khadafi]
I hit the turnpike on dirtbikes with 2 'litas
On my way to Philly to fight for Mumia
Only thug guerillas are react to this
The laws try to destroy black activists
Half of y'all, is performers and actresses
I keep at least a 100 grand in the mattresses
Shit so hot, soon as i write it i get indicted
I dare one y'all scared niggas to bite it
I stood in hood lobbies getting my rocks off
With longjohns and 3 pairs of socks on
Ducking from the pigs so I don't get knocked off
Or popped off, and y'all thugs are soft
It's like you're skirt get pulled up, clothes come off
Red Dragons, can't even fuck with my brain patterns
I'm all live, Pentium Plus and Benz wagons
Maki, believe me it do ring bells
If you saw me do dirt you won't live to tell
I'd lived in a cell
Did bids in hell
Held niggas at gunpoint for ransom and bail

Yo, last rites, we flash to blast twice
Jedi Mind 252 we mad nice
We smash mics, and blast too precise


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Most interesting comment from YouTube:

Stephen Preston

...I'm like a fuckin bolt of plasma
_ When I attack ya, leave fracture
Yall muthafuckas gonna need a chiropracter.
Future Hollogram with the way I skip time
Yall got a broken watch and shit rhymes
_Yall end up broke and dodge the thin line
While I battle to the top and even save Ryan
You make threats to trifle me on stage
But I pack a phased plasma rifle... in the 40 watt range
_yeah, and I'm hearing blood splatter
I bring a force that leaves your shield shattered
I bend bullets around this dark matter
And its a piece of piss like a part of your bladder.
_MCs got the nerve to spit bars
I bring the pain and leave 'em all scarred
Any heated mc who thinks that they can chill
Say your last words, enjoy your last meal

Shout outs to the mongals and LooLoo ;)

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Krishnan Sen

Jus Allah snapped on every single track on this album, without fail. Him and Vinnie together are hell for a mic.

Ironfist Psychiatrist

@Austin Littke true about vinnie but mma grew on me over the years

King Smog

Jus Allah outshines Vinny on VBD - no debate no question. But how did he go from his performance on VBD to the lyrics on his freshman debut "all fates have changed"!? I know he pointed toward mismanagement of it by the label, even claiming he didn't approve the beats. Well even with that being the case Jus Allah's flow, vocal sound and horrendous lyrical quality put the last few nails in the coffin. No one but himself to blame for that. Has me thinking someone else was writing his lyrics on Violent BY Design for realZ!

Joss Lo life

@Austin Littke Come on the Voice of Ghandi was a dope album too...
Vinnie lost it when he stopped to worked with Stoupe...It was their alchemy that was REALLY DOPE...
And from Jus Allah you have the Devil's Redject ; Necronomicon album that was not bad...
But both of the album I cited are far from the caliber of this one , far from this level . But it was ok , far from wack let's face it...
And the PSycho Social i dope too the one before this one...Those beats Stoupe cooked...They were Neck destroyer
Be careful Stoupe was the ennemy on mankind so no feelings in his he would break ya neck with it, so protect it.


Austin Littke BRO i was thinking the same WTF happened to Jusallah man how can talent go away

Austin Littke

Jus Allah's vocals and delivery turned to trash after this album. Same with Vinnie's flow and delivery. This was the last time either of them were really worth a damn. I mean, Vinnie has been ALRIGHT since this album, but that's all he's been is average and ok

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Babygrande Records

one of the best hip-hop albums ever

King Smog

Best underground record ever that's for sure! This album escorted me to the underground, I leapt in and never looked back!


It's timeless. I'll welcome any new group or album that even comes close to this.. jmt every time. I'm glad I found them when I did.. shits old now but that's what people don't see.
It's bittersweet. We've known they're King Kong tho, so it's like an inside joke to laugh about, but look.. where's the competition now too... Nowhere close to this... jmt

Chevy Buick

@Poet_Laureate Infinity1333 lol I know

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