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The Prince Of Denmark March
Jeremiah Clarke Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:

Fantasy & Dark Music by Derek Fiechter

My favorite classical song! Why can't music nowadays sound like this?

Maciej Jura

Because most composers and songwriters are bent on revolution nowadays. You may still find some good music from let's say italy but not much anywhere else.

Alexander Hersh

It is always important to remember and reflect upon the hauntingly beautiful, glorious, magnificent and profoundly inspirational playing of Jeremiah Clarke's composition of 'The Prince of Denmark's March' (1699) when it was regularly broadcast by the BBC to German-occupied Denmark and to the British Empire in May 1940 during that dark and terrible period of the Second World War from 1939 to 1945. It gave encouragement and hope to millions of Danes and inspired them never to despair nor give in to the brutality and tyranny of the National Socialist German occupation.

Frederik Høyrup

@Alexander Hersh Denmark is now a snot stain on the world map. Britain is still great. But not as great as some think. I hope very much that Brexit will not end the 1000 year long relationship that have endured for better and for worse. You gave us hope for democracy not that long ago. Give us hope again....

Alexander Hersh

It is a great pity that Britain and Denmark endured many wars in the past but it is great that both nations are now reconciled to each other for the sake of peace and harmony in Europe. Both Britain and Denmark aspire to loftier and nobler pursuits for the common good. Hopefully, they will become more astute to greater dangers facing an increasingly insecure Continent.

Frederik Høyrup

Thank you for abit of historical enligthenment. It was written to the kingdom as a hymn from Britain. That we had many many, many. Wars with. Making us astute to much greater enemies...

Ilia Khouri

Sounds like royalty

Joe Kerr

Well obviously...the title should be a clear giveaway...this piece was written in honor of Prince George of Denmark, second son of Frederick III of Denmark and husband to Queen Anne of Great Britain.


When your wife is marching down the aisle to you, it is royalty! 🙌🙌


No shit

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