Elder Scrolls: Oblivion
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Monique Parent

This is a short something I came up with, inspired by this piece. Thank you, Jeremy Soule, for such a beautiful musical score.

Sing out like robins, you flutes,
Bows, kiss the strings of your violins,
Spin a tale of flats and naturals,
A melody that twines about itself like two lovers locked in a dance
Weave the wind in my hair,
The colors of the rising sun refracted in the clouds,
The sparkle of pure water
Pure, mountain air scented with the newborn leaf
The blossoming flower
Were it so easy for others to hear
The world would hold its breath and listen
And imagine a new dawn
As wondrous as the song that shifts through the meadows
And breathes upon the water
And plucks at the heart-strings
Setting them humming like a harp
Filling the mind with music
Giving wings to the grounded soul

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Chat Sceptique

The music and the peaceful scenery helped me through some dark moments. Thanks.

Christoffer Nunez

Bless your soul!

Marta Cid



Hope you’re doing better. Hang in there.


Salut le chat, je ne m'attendais pas à te voir ici :)

Chat Sceptique

@Emma Philomena <3

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David Butler

Despite the several hundred hours I played Skyrim, I sometimes felt more 'lost' in Oblivion's world.


I used to undress my wood elf and just run through the grass just because it just seemed like the right thing to do.. then a rat would come out of nowhere and I would have to punch it to death

Black Bob

I hate Skyrims guild questlines. Doesn’t feel rewarding or anything, no rank climbing or skill requirements. Just plop in someones dream or casket and you’re next in line to become leader.

Matěj Osička

@Mundane05 Guys i really love oblivion, but it must be nostalgia talking from you when u say cyrodiil was diverse and alive and dungeons werent totaly repetetive...This were the biggest weaknesses of oblivion, map looks like copy paste forest greenlands outside of the gold coast which was lovely and dungeons were super boring.Guild storylines are what make oblivion so good especially the dark brotherhood one.Easily best guild in franchise...Also tons of cool side quests like sheogorath shrine or paranoia and arguably best dlc Shivering Isles which is more memorable than entire oblivion for me...

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