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That's really cool :-) I wish I had a waterfall nearby. Thanks for the positive feedback! (And your other comments). Hope this video brings you peace and other postive emotions. The video credits are as follows:

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[ 4K Ultra HD ] 氷瀑の平湯大滝 Frozen waterfall of Hirayu Otaki (Shot on RED EPIC)
Uploaded by AQUA Geo Graphic
© 2016, AQUA Geo Graphic

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Benjamin Slayton

Winter is my favourite season. There is nothing in nature more beautiful than snow.

S. M. Henderson

Seen the Aurora Borealis yet?


As I turn on this song driving home in the blizzard... such peace.

Greg E

@Rose Andrews absolutely, where my wife and I are, when the wind blows from the south we hear the hwy, when it blows from the north, absolute silence from the lake, we LOVE IT.


@Serenity Peace and Comfort Glad to see others that share my perspective. It seems like everyone loves snow all the time nowadays lol

Serenity Peace and Comfort

@Jacob Agreed. Snow is beautiful in December and is almost supernatural at Christmas. But after New Year's its just shoveling and traffic hazards.

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jillian keserich

I listen to this every night. This and The Streets of Whiterun. It is slowly helping me get over my dogs death. She died on May 9th, 2017 because of heart failure. I had her my whole entire since I was little, and she just poofed from my life. I miss her dearly, and can't wait to see her once again in heaven. (I sound very childish when I say such a thing, but it's genuinely how I feel.) So thank you. This helps me sleep on restless nights. Nights where I cry myself to sleep. Nights where I'm actually relaxed.

Kyle Billie

With God. All animals are innocent. They are in heaven.

Anthony Pacheco

Rejoice for those who transform into the force ~

may you find peace brother. ♡

Serenity Peace and Comfort

Truth: Our pets actually are in heaven. They greet you as you enter according to those reliable sources that have come back. You will see them again. God is so good. Now we all need to make sure we live for Jesus so we can all get into heaven. 😇

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