Harvest Dawn
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Zay- Fox

Me: Hello lady
Girl: May I help you ?
Me: Do you need help
Girl: Those flower are heavy
Me: Are they pretty
Girl: Most of the time
Me: Must be regularly
Girl: Did you see those flower
Me: I just saw them
Girl: Must be regularly

Alison Johnson

"whats going on with you"
"do you think what happened in Wuhan could happen here?"
"be seeing you"
"good day"

Later that month, five cases of Covid19 were recorded in Bruma

Samuel Bone

"Have you heard of the high elves?"
"Be seeing you"
"You there! Hello"
"good bye"
"You know the fighters guild is always looking for recruits. Might be worth checking out if you've got the stones for it."
"Be seeing you"
"Need something?"
- all from one person walking by

Jason Lurf

Me: approaches cat
Cat: meows cutely
Me: how’s it going?
Cat: meows cutely
Me: cool, cool. Say uh, you....you ever...you know......pooped your pants?
Cat: meows cutely
Me: wow, that must have been *crazy*. Hey uh, listen, I gotta get going, but uh, same time tomorrow?
Cat: meows cutely
Me: cool, see you.
Cat: meows cutely
departure, chapter 1, act 1 finished


"Good day"
"What do you want breton trash?"
"How are you?"
"I've been better"
"Any news from the other provinces?"
"Nothing I'd like to talk about"
"Get out of my face"

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This song was already uploaded as part of a medley "Morning in Cyrodiil", the second song and had added ambience. While I will be focusing more Guild Wars, I wanted to tie up this loose end. Also: Dedicated to Benjamin M. thanks, my friend for your donation! Goodnight everyone.

mata Hari

How goes it?


Sweet! Both the original and 2nd GW have some great stuff, including the Heart of Thorns expansion.

-Mhatayas -

I love how you use beautiful nature videos morphed with the song. Really suits.

Hey, if you got the time check out the mountaintops video on my channel. I use the same music and took videos of the mountain with my drone . Really relaxing and suit. Thanks for the upload and sharing. Appreciation

Nightshade Huntress

This is beautiful! Thank you for all your hard work!

Blind Archangel

Please don't feel you have to! All of Soule's work is more than welcome, always! Good stuff, my friend! Hope you are well :)


"Do you smoke a lot?"
"Most of the time."

jake guy

Me? Never. Once in a blue moon I does.




These guys... smoke... and they're bad...

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