The Streets of Whiterun
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Enderborn272 so true. God I’m crying right now lol

I’ve played many, many great games in my life but this one, this one is something else. It hits you different, you know. I always come back to it. I can’t even tell y’all how many hours I’ve logged, but like I said, that feeling just stays with you. And this music.. it is imprinted in my heart and in my head. I can hear it even when it’s not playing out loud.

Skyrim is such a beautifully crafted game/experience, but it is also more than that...

It is my world, my peace.
My escape.
And Whiterun will always be my home

If I had VR for Skyrim, I don’t know if I’d ever leave lol


To see so many people moved by this one song.

We all entered those gates to Whiterun alone. We ran for our lives after being ready to die at a chopping block.
We avoided Alduin's ancient fire, his terrible words.
We made it out alive with enough time to warn the world of the impending doom.
We made it into Whiterun with all the excitement Skyrim had for us. We entered alone.
But I dare say, as the love and emotion for this song shows, we did not leave Whiterun alone.

Aye, I'd say after Whiterun, none of us will ever be truly alone again.

Lantern's Glow

This is a song to curl up with your pet or family, with warm coco and just... Sir there. Appreciate the time you have.

I was playing Skyrim when my dad passed. I don't even remember what it was I was doing. But I remembered that he bought me a PS3, and the hottest game of holiday 2011. Through all of it, dragonfire and the 9000 steps, the depths of Blackreach and the very peak of the Throat of the World. Through skeletons and dragons, rats and daedra. He was there. Sure, he likely didn't care much for it- by that time he was focused on his health which has started to fail.

... He introduced me to the mastery that is Morrowind. As a small child, I'd play ash blasted Vvardenfell, and as an adult I roamed the tundras of Skyrim, eventual to wander the rolling plains of Cyrodill.

... Those final hours, I wish I had spent with him. This so g takes me back to those moments, that blizzardy day, the cold biting through the open door.

To you old man! May you walk among the old Kings in Sovengarde, telling your tales of the battle of body and spirit! One day I will join you.

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My Dad just passed away on July 18th 2017. He was 57 and was diagnosed with liver cancer early 2016. He also had cirrhosis of the liver. He loved to play Skyrim and this song hits home so much. It's so beautiful but also reminds me how much I miss him. I take walks in my neighborhood at night and listen to this nonstop. It helps me to feel closer to him. He meant the world to me and was the best Father a son can have. Love you Dad

Javier Baena

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Javier Baena


hefty magic


Pedro Takeshita

Your dad is a hero...

Long Live Kurt-051

I hope in the 3 years since you've posted this you've been able to find some measure of peace. Music truly has power over us, and let's us travel in time, where we may relive thoughts, feelings and events over and over again. Its special that you can have that with your father. I dont know you, but a stranger out there is rooting for you and gives you his empathy and thoughts. May he stay with you forever within the music that brings him back to you.

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Matt K

I played this for my gf without telling her what it was from and she said "This sounds like what good memories feel like."


Wife her

Brandon Cosme


hefty magic


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