Unbroken Road
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Good night everyone.


@Geytkeypur Yes very good, how about you ? I hope everything's fine for you 😊


I really appreciate that. Thanks. That makes me feel very good :-) Did you have a good weekend?


Thank you very much for those vids, I love all of them :)


Hello my friend, rest well? I really appreciate your suggestion; it's ironic and right on on time. This channel: https://goo.gl/tyd6ag was to contain the content in question. I say "right on time" because that was supposed to uploaded with the last video. Your words were the motivation I needed. Whenever I post one, I'll send you a video link first :) Thanks, Noel: I really appreciate it.

Noel Moon

@Geytkeypur a video request friend? Maybe an idea? An upload of you making your videos and in the background while producing have one of your favorite elderscrolls soundtrack!! And yes!! Maybe something from Legend Of Zelda!!! Just video ideas lmfao! Please, please and thank you!!!

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v v

Thank you Geykeypur. These songs really do help me during times when i feel depressed.

you could say Soule's music is good for the soul hahaha

v v

@Geytkeypur Yes, his story was definitely a very interesting one as he credited his jacket to surviving the crash. I remember he even composed an oblivion or skyrim track to convey what he felt like when he came out. I definitely think hes one of the greats from the sheer depth hes able to add to his music.

Thanks for your kind words as well. Ive had it for a very long time due to some past events in my childhood but ive been managing it with alot of workouts, meditation and music. Ive tried CBD and it does wonders for it without any side effects.

Hope youre having a great day and keep up the good work!


The composition of Oblivion's soundtrack was greatly influenced by Mr. Soule's car accident that preceded it; fortunately he survived. I am glad that the music uplifts you: just now, I was listening to a few tracks from Oblivion and Nox Astra. My hope is that your dhe depression gets better over the next few days or weeks, or if you have seasonal, I hope you were able to endure the upcoming Winter. If you ever need to talk about it you can always send me an email. Thanks for your kind words :)

Joshua Kapusinski

One of my favorite tracks from Jeremy Soule. I love the rise and fall of the piece and how the track comes full circle. As always, I appreciate the upload brother. Have a great week!

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