Jerome Sydenham and Dennis Ferrer Lyrics

My whole family
Loves 'Three's Company'
See the reruns constantly
There on my TV
Syndicated Incorporated
Well, I know what's on the tube
I know just what too see
Got my TV Guide with me
'MASH' and 'All In The Family'
'The Munsters' and 'Mayberry R.F.D.'
I will always be busy
Watching my TV
Oprah Winfrey talks to me
Every day at three
Then soon it'll be
'Wheel' and 'Jeopardy'
Syndicated Incorporated
Syndicated Incorporated
Well, I'm in such ecstasy
When I'm watchin' TV
I'm a boob tube devotee
Think I'm losin' my sanity
I'm addicted to 'Regis and Kathy Lee'
Forever I will always be
Glued to my TV
Love 'The Partridge Family'
And 'Dynasty'
And 'Laverne & Shirley'
And 'Hard Copy'
Syndicated Incorporated
Syndicated Incorporated
Syndicated Incorporated
('MASH' and 'All In The Family')
Syndicated Incorporated
(I'm addicted to 'Regis and Kathy Lee')
Syndicated Incorporated
(Forever I will always be)
Syndicated Incorporated
(Watching my TV)
Syndicated Incorporated
(Think I'm losin' my sanity)
Syndicated Incorporated

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Comments from YouTube:

Thana Mokwane

Best track ever made..

mark marel

i agree 3 years later


This sounds like the sound track to heaven. THIS IS the sound of perfection.

Sanele _M

Hahaha you my G just summed it up 😆

Pitso Morake

Eish this one takes me waaaay baaaaack... waaaaaaay waaaaaaaay back when life was black & white.

Just a pug on the internet.

Cee Morake I know right?!!

Arthur Fungai Mvududu

Caiiro's Remake Takes Me To The Sweetest Parts Of Heaven

sandile siya

@KATLEGO BANDA I guess we prefer different things broe♥️🙏


@sandile siya I love caiiro.... but this one does it for me

sandile siya

Caiiro's remix sounds great compared to the original version

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