Ain't Understanding Mellow
Jerry Butler Lyrics

I thank God for you
(I thank God, I thank God)
You were woman enough, girl not to try to hide
(Didn't try to hide it baby) [Repeat x2]
Didn't try to hide your love
For this other guy, hey
No need to explain

I thank the angels for you
That you were woman enough try to make it easier for me
(Try to make it easy) [Repeat x3]
Where ever, say it, where ever you go
I want you to know, you have but to call on me
And I'll be right by your side

I thank God for you
(I thank God, I thank God)
For it's very nice to see
There's a man who understands how hard it is
(So understanding baby) [Repeat x2]
To take your hand and try to explain

Thank the angels for you
Your the kind of man your are
To be so understanding, well
(So understanding) [Repeat x3]
Where ever you go
You have but to call on me
And I'm gonna be right by your side, yes I will

I thank God above
That we were able to see
Just how wrong we were
Ain't understanding mellow [Repeat x2]
Ohhh, when you wake up in the morning baby
Ohhh, ain't it mellow
I just couldn't do without it

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Comments from YouTube:

James Powell

Jerry Butler never recorded a dull song in his life,he"s always been one of the best singers in the business!

gwendolyn smith

It’s a voice of richness many of these little young whipersnappers don’t know or understand. I love writing songs and before you hold a mike you gotta know how to control your voice. Gotta know range depth and pitch. These are some of the components of having that smooth soulful sound.🤷🏽‍♀️🔑

Earl Danielson

When men respected woman today they just don't get it

Mary Jackson

This song truly reflects LOVE....I can know accept that it's awesome to have experienced love which truly involves understanding. I'm grateful to have had 36 years of love from my late husband although I miss the love of my life. Remember memories are treasures that will never be lost or forgotten. My 3 sons and I truly understand this after 6 years since my late husband's death and the death of their awesome dad.
True love is forever

Lucky Dave

He stayed married to his wife Annette for 60 years...only separated when she died.

michele elliott

@dnt trip some women like myself still have the respect for the man and know that the man is the head of the household always remember that my father told me a woman has a place and also a man has its place as long as you remember to respect that place you'll be just fine I'm doing well

Iam Justme

@dnt trip It's a circle. Both MEN & WOMEN have to break it.

Jude Williams

women ain,t respectful these days

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Donna Marie Vaughan


L Lokiss L

So so true. Seems like it was a different planet considering today's state of the world

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