No Money Down
Jerry Butler Lyrics

No Money Down

With no money down...
Pay later not now...

Where was it I read
Or was it mom who said
You can't get something for nothin
Son whatever you get
You pay for with tears and sweat
Cos nobody gets nothin
For nothin

Oh I should have though about it twice
But when I asked the man about the price
He said you could have both rings

With no money down
You can start your dreams
Pay later not now

So baby I bout those rings
And I bought you all my dreams
Cos I love you
I love you
And I thought they'd guarantee
That you'd always be in love with me
Oh you know i love you

I didn't care how much they cost i never thought the meaning could get lost so i bought some rings

With no money down
Trying to stop your dreams
Pay later not now

Oh i thought i got a good deal
I knew your love at that price was a steal
But baby now that our loves gone bad
Girl I feel a little cheated
I feel like I've got been had
With no money down
I got some dreams
Pay later not now
But look what I'm paying
With a room full of dreams
Pay later not now
But I'll be paying for them

"Don't know where you go"(fading)

Writer(s): Jerry Butler, Leon Huff, Kenny Gamble

Contributed by Sadie W. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Mizu N-T

I woke up out that coma 2001, bout the same time dre dropped 2001.....

Franklin Clinton

Whitney Houston told me that its going to take more then a bullet in a heart to hold me back


Abd Ben It’s the future

Abd Ben

Comin' back from his fatal accident to beatmakin' and rappin' but ...

Paolo Garrone

Like I was starin' out of Stevie Wonders glasses
It's kinda hard to imagine like Kanye West

Rob Mac

I had visions of makin' a classic, then my world turned black

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The fact that when Kanye listened to that 4 bar groove at 1:15 of this song and made a great instrumental shows how good of an ear that man has. Respect to the Og Jerry Butler for laying down amazing lyrics.


really simple thing

Ty Justo

I'm impressed by how he structured the sample. He looped a part in the first 3 bars, then used a transition part on the 4th. Kanye was ahead of his time


This is great! But how kanye sampled it.. the drums! This was back when he used the violinist chick a lot.. shit was hard as fuck, pause

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