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Love is All We Have
by Jesca Hoop

The night before the night she came
Katrina the hurricane
Ohhh was calm
Calm for a land untame
That spill the boarders of New Orleans
Ohhh was calm
The plow boys play their old favorite
"The city's on parade"
On parade
But deep in the heart
Of the ocean
Their beds were made

Love me know
Now is all we have
Love me now
Love is all we have

The rains that came
With the force of a runaway train
Ohhh, run away
And the waters rose
And the levies the levies broke
Ohhh, run away
And the cradle broke my beloved
The cradle broke
I must stay
For deep in the heart of our home
My beloved washed away

Love me know
Now is all we have
Love me now
Love is all
We ever really had

The old church bell
Is in the graveyard
The old church bell
Ohhh, lace and stone
The naked feet
Pound the pavement
Of nameless streets
Ohhh, faceless homes
But deep in the heart
Of the american
A prayer for new orleans

Love me know
Now is all we have
Love me now
Love is all we ever really had

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Comments from YouTube:


I loooooooooove it !;) I heard it when i watched private practice and it was soo sad. but her voice is great !


Love Is All We Have~~Miłość jest wszystkim, co mamy :)


never get tired of this. love this song very much.


I love this song. thank you.


@rfgstl its a beautiful piece indeed


one of the saddest songs - "my beloved the cradle broke" "my beloved was washed away"


She has a great voice!!!! I like the song she sang at the end of the film WISPER but I cant find it anywhere-I have the film but would like the song!!! : )

Gerald Franklin

Beautiful voice ,masterpiece, with the most unique sound like a stretching guitar string . Nothing like it anywhere.What is the sound?

Jeffrey Ko

I heard in an interview they are the sounds of rope on a boat stretching and creaking


j'adore private practice merci pour toutes les musiques

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