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Jesse Marchant Lyrics

See it now it is passing you
Plain in the firelight
Nothing new, just happening again
Stiffened and paralyzed
In the sheets
Don't give me a line
I know the change when it comes

Pick all your prizes, get it right
Own the streak
It ain't nothing
And I don't need anyone
To have to explain to that
Everyone's got to carry their own
You got fucked on your way
Well I ain't to blame
For whatever ain't done to you right
And whatever's done to you wrong
You pull your life on a chain

Well it all will have passed
And it all will have done
With you what it may

You can tell both of your parents
That they got it wrong
Pushing you aside
All that anger they left you
Now with their pain

Did you end up with all the rise
From the city that you wanted
You were onto it fast
When I had to face
That somehow I'd never know
Any form of it right
Just it running away
That I couldn't take
Well they're onto you now
And you've idled in swamp
I'm done drowning
In the ways that I can't escape
Somehow I feel it like a sting
Somehow I feel it wrong

Written by: Jesse Marchant

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Comments from YouTube:

yam guerra

I can't stop listen to this song, it is a great song, it made me feel many things.

Ross Q

It pains me to be the first comment on this video. Such a talented artist that receives little to no acknowledgement

Michael Mitchell

So true, Sadly, dozens of artists out there unnoticed because of the media machine that controls radio play lists .. like .. cheers.

Orna Mizrahi

Great song...Beautiful voice. Jesse Marchant reminds me of Gregory Alan Isakov...

Laura Putney

This song came up on my Spotify "Discover Weekly," playlist and I've been playing it on repeat for the past 3 hours like a lullaby into the night. So so beautiful. Words can't describe. I hope you come to Raleigh NC Jesse. I'd love to hear you live. Just read a couple of interviews you gave.

Alexandra c

love his music <3 and voice he's amazing


Heart wrenching voice !


one of the best songs ever.

miran kreuzer

He is one of the Best! Milestone music... I hope he will record something new

Michael Herrera

This is great

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