Long Hot Summer Night
Jimi Hendrix Lyrics

Show us a long
Long, long hot summer night
As far as my eyes could see
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Well my heart was way down
Cold cold winter stone
Well my darlin' where can you be
Where can you be baby
Where can you be
There were three sugar walls
And two candy cane windows
But the silliest move melted all those inside
Well everybody's on fire, but its
A snowin' in a cold blizzard

Where are you in this a hot cold summer?
Where are you in this a hot cold summer?
Where are you in this a hot cold summer?
God, god, god

Around about this time the telephone
Blew its horn across the room
Scared little Annie
Clean out of her mind
Out of her mind

Roman the Candle he peeps out of his peekaboo hide and seek
And grabbed little Annie from the ceiling just in time
And the telephone keeps on screamin'
Yeah yeah yeah!

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!

Hello said my shakey voice, well how you doin'
I start to stutter
ah can't cha tell I'm ah doin' fine
There was my baby talkin' she's way down 'cross the border.

She says I'm gonna hurry to ya I've been a fool
And I'm tired of cryin'
Said I'm tired of cryin'

Yeah a long long long hot summer night
As far as my eyes could see
But I can ah feel the heat comin' on as my baby's gettin' closer

I'm so glad that my baby's comin' to rescue me
So glad that my baby's comin' to rescue me
So glad my baby's comin' to rescue me
Rescue, rescue, rescue
Rescue, rescue
Rescue, rescue, What'd I say
Rescue me, rescue me
Rescue, rescue me, rescue me

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Written by: JIMI HENDRIX

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Comments from YouTube:

deacon theseer

What a master! His imagination was second to none. I've said for years that's what really separates Hendrix from all other guitar players.

Racer X

@Marlon Jameslawd hab moursay ! u Nailed IT

Marlon James

He was a visionary...tapped into mysterious moods from other dimensions...

Patrick Foster

This captures Hendrix in the process of composing a masterpiece. He made lots of refinements and changes from here to the final version on Electric Ladyland. But this is a very rare glimpse into his method. Hearing him stop to write some notes then say "second verse" before he resumed the writing process was just surreal. Like being in the room with him while he was creating magic. Just incredible, thanks for posting.

Elron Humpperdink

It actually teaches you how to compose just listening to someone else do it. Gives you confidence as well. Helps me A LOT.

Daniel Castro Machado

Eu acho essa música incrível, mais incrível é o processo de criação, esse era um baita gênio mesmo

Rishard Lampese

VERY interesting where he started this composition. Thanks for posting!

eric's page

Wow so cool, he just goes off jamming than comes back to it

Abraão Naum Rosado

This is so awesome !! R.I.P Jimi

Joe Riverman

Love this song. Good to see how it evolved.

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