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Red House
by Jimi Hendrix

Ah yeah!
There's a red house over yonder,
That's where my baby stays
Lord, there's a red house over yonder
Lord, that's where my baby stays
I ain't been home to see my baby
In ninety nine and one half days

Wait a minute, something's wrong here
The key won't unlock this door
Wait a minute, something's wrong, lord, have mercy
This key won't unlock this door,
Something's goin' on here
I have a bad bad feeling
That my baby don't live her no more

Well, I might as well go back over yonder,
Way back up on the hill
That's something to do
Lord, I might as well go back over yonder,
Way back yonder cross the hill
'Cause if my baby don't love me no more
I know her sister will

Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group
Written by: Jimi Hendrix

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Comments from YouTube:


You should add the word "cover" in the title...
im just saying so you dont get hate from people coming here to listen to ol jimi
Nice playing though!, I like it, good sound!

jo he

@Robbie D Love yeah that's the spirit! jimi would be proud of you.

Robbie D Love

@jo he Why don't you read the video description? fuck you. Hope you catch COVID

tim noonan


Pearl Helvezia

This voice would fit as Jimi Hendrix of a poor community, lol. It's a pity that the music is so good. The

Captain Quirk

@Robbie D Love : That's no excuse for a misleading title.

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Jeremy Barnes

Yo your playing sound great but add cover on the title next time love.

Tree Fiddy Bandit

Dido to that "cover" title
Nice playing, but the misleading title would garner a lot of hate, typical internet stuff
Not bad tho

Chris Cooper, random man of music


fernando ponce

Put please you realy name, You are not Jimi Hendrix. I want to lisent to Jimi Hendrix

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