Spanish Castle Magic
Jimi Hendrix Lyrics

It's very far away
It takes about half a day
To get there
If we travel by my, dragonfly

No it's not in Spain
But all the same
You know
It's a groovy name
And the wind's just right

Hang on my darling
Hang on if you want to go
You know it's really groovy place
And it's just a little bit of a Spanish castle magic

The clouds are really low
And they overflow
With cotton candy
And battle grounds
Red and brown

But it's all in your mind
Don't think your time
On bad things
Just float your little mind around
Look out

Hang on my darling yeah
Hang on if you want to go
It puts everything else on the shelf
With just a little bit of Spanish castle magic
Yeah baby

Hang on my darling yeah
Hang on, hang on if you want to go
It puts everything else on the shelf
With just a little bit of Spanish castle magic
Its all in your mind
A little bit of daydream here and there

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Written by: JIMI HENDRIX

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Devin Kennedy

Is this really the alternete take

Most interesting comments from YouTube:

Papa Greene

Notes from CD box set booklet:
Recorded: Olympic Studios,
February 17, 1969
Engineer: George Chkiantz

Mixed by Eddie Kramer
NRG Studios,
January 10, 2000

Guitar, Vocals: Jimi Hendrix
Bass: Noel Redding
Drums: Mitch Mitchell

**Worth noting, which is not mentioned on the CD release:
This was not recorded for release, rather it was a band rehearsal runthrough for the 1st of the Experience's 2 final UK performances at Royal Albert Hall, the next day, on February 18, & on February 24, 1969, which means that this Hendrix-directed session may have been the last time that the original Experience with Noel Redding recorded together in the studio.

Zach Zimny


In the original studio version Noel laid down his bass track using an 8 string electric bass just to make the song sound/& feel even beefier.

In this alternate version it sounds to me like Noel is again playing an 8 string electric bass subsequently causing this version to become undeniably, & unforgettably OBESE!!!!!!!!!! All thanks to Noel having those 4 extra high octave strings while holding down the low end on that 8 string electric bass!!!!!!!!!!

R.I.P. Noel Redding.

There are still some people out there who won’t forget you, & the contribution you made to Rock bass playing/& also being a bassist in a Rock n Roll Band!!!!

All comments from YouTube:


I started listening to Jimi Hendrix literally just this week. Listening to this stuff for the first time is a wild experience

Shannon Nonnahs

Enjoy the ride man✌

Anthony Tony

Stevie Ray Who?

Dylan Cardwell Vinita Music

No matter what your age, he is and was a force to be reckoned with.


Best to stick to the official stuff released in his lifetime at first. Save these bootlegs until you've worn out your copy of Electric Ladyland.

Robert Athow

I was 14 and it was an obsession and 40 years later even stronger. I can't get enough.
Lucky you as you have great times ahead 👍❤️❤️❤️

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The guitar shredding in this song is super badass. Shame Hendrix was taken from us too soon. He was a master.

Patrick Pryor

When I saw him do Rock me baby on the montereyes pop festival video.. his true showman ship showed. A Star was Born.

Juan Reyes

Jimi hendrix was the only guitar player who solved the extremely difficult guitar chords puzzle. He's the only one who could make the fender strat sound like an alien signal coming from another time and another world. This was one awesome recording. Thank you !!! AWESOME 😃 ❤ ⭐⭐⭐⭐

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