My Rough and Rowdy Ways
Jimmie Rodgers Lyrics

For years and years I've rambled drank my wines and gambled
But one day I thought I'd settle down
I met a perfect lady she said she'd be my baby
We built a cottage in the old hometown
But somehow I can't forget my good old rambling days
The railroad trains are calling me away
I may be rough I may be wild I may be tough and countrified
But I can't give up my good old rough and rowdy ways
Sometimes I meet a bounder who knew me when I was a rounder
He grabs my hand and says boy have a drink
We'd go down to the poolroom get in the gang and then soon
The daylight comes before I'd had a wink
But somehow I can't forget my good old rambling days

Writer(s): Elsie Mcwilliams, Jimmie Rodgers

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Comments from YouTube:

Bobb-z Callahan

Here after hearing Bob Dylan's 2020 album is named "Rough And Rowdy Ways".

Scott Peeples

So did I. I also remember this from the PBS country music retrospective that came out about a year ago.

George Coventry

And me. The name of the new album is a nice salute by Bob to the rich musical heritage of which Jimmie was an important part! He always loved Jimmie Rodgers.

robin graham

Me too.

Damian Bowyer

Gr8 Stuff fm The Legendary Jimmie Rodgers.

Jason Lee

I'm sure this guy inspired George Formby..

Daniel Lewis

That slide guitarist was Hawaiian, very innovative

Ulrich Friehe

Ellsworth T. Cozzens, an relative of the late and great Mike Auldridge played the Hawaiian guitar.

Joel Courtois

good version by doc atherel Watson too

Ulrich Friehe

Arthel 'Doc' Watson.

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