Pistol Packin' Papa
Jimmie Rodgers Lyrics

I'm a pistol-packin' papa, and when I walk down the streets
You can hear those mamas shouting "don't turn your gun on me"
Now girls, I'm just a good guy and I'm going to have my fun
And if you don't want to smell my smoke, don't monkey with my gun

Like a hobo when he's hungry, like a drunk man when he's full
I'm a pistol-packin' papa and I know how to shoot the bull
The whole of men don't hold me and they sure leave me be
I'm a pistol-packin' papa and I ramble where I please
Oh well, I have that funny feeling, that luring ramble's call
I swing aboard of some freight train and I shoot my pistol low
Sometimes one shot will do, near sometimes it takes four or five
And sometimes I shoot all around before I'm satisfied

When you hear my pistol puffin' you better hide yourself someplace
'Cause I ain't made for stoppin' and I come for a shootin' race
My sweetheart understands me, she says I'm her big shot
I'm her pistol-packin' daddy and I know I got to drop

You can hear my Newsport roadster, you can take my Hartford hat
But you can never take from me my silver-mounted gat
I'm a pistol-packin' papa and I'm going to have my fun
Just follow me and you will hear the barking of my gun

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This is my favorite artist of all time. No one my age understands this type of music or my reasoning for listening to it but I really enjoy old time country, especially when it's the singing brakeman.


This song would be great in Fallout New Vegas.

David H Walton

I have a new favorite song and artist. Jimmie Rodgers was a genius.

David H Walton

This is a good example of Hokum Blues.

richard brazzel

percursor to gangsta rap sang by a tubercular frail ex railroad hand.


Check out "Pistol Packin" by Gangstagrass. This song was their inspiration, and they sampled it.

James F.

@gammeltfossil It's because people who predominantly listen to rap want there to be as many connections as possible to attenuate their well-being. Rap is absolutely linked to this type of music, but Rap's main goal in modern times was to devoid itself of real instruments almost completely. This wasn't as true in the 90s, but it is definitely prevalent with autotune, and things like quantization. Rock is not dead; music is just dying in general.


Why are people obsessed about making arbitrary comparisons between old and modern music. Outlaw heroes have existed in cultures the world over since time immemorial. The link to gangsta rap is tenous at best.

James F.


Cedric Thompson

Real music

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