The Sailor's Pleas
Jimmie Rodgers Lyrics

Dear sweetheart, as I write to you
My heart is filled with pain
For if these things I hear are true
I'll never see you again

They tell me, darlin', that tonight
You'll wed another man
But if you do, I'll tell you true
My boat will never land
You promised that you would wait for me
That nothin' could come between
That in my arms someday you'd be
My wife and lovely queen

I builded you that cozy home
And made a garden there
And planted too with my own hands
Sweet flowers rich and rare

My future hopes are placed in you
You've been my guidin' star
Please write and tell me that you're true
To the sailor who waits afar

Just tell me that you love me yet
Still long to be my wife
I'll return and then we'll wed
And live a happy life

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Comments from YouTube:

Kurt Keily

I remember playing this on my grandma's wind-up Victrola. This and I'm Lonely and Blue


"I'm Lonely and Blue" such a great song and "My old pal" the best blues ever.
Lefty Frizzell did a great job on those two, "My old pal" the best blues ever, none better

Joe Dan Boyd

This was the first song I ever heard Jimmie Rodgers sing and I heard it on a battery-powered Zenith radio when I was a small boy growing up in Wood County, Texas. I had heard of America's Blue Yodeler, of course, but had never heard his actual voice until someone played it on the radio sometime during the early 1940s, long after the singer had died a year before I was born. I was hooked, and as I grew older I sought out his records, eventually getting copies of his entire Victor output after RCA started reissuing them on LPs. Thank you so much for this YouTube post. The picture above is amazingly sharp and shows Jimmie Rodgers in his professional prime. Years ago when I was in Kerville for a visit, I I sought out "The Blue Yodeler's Paradise," the large Kerrville house he built and lived in during the final years of his life. It was a pilgrimage I had to make.


"Blue yodel #5" Jim Reeves
Ernest Tubb "In the jailhouse now"
Me and my brothers "Looking for a new mama"
(78 record though, heard on the radio some songs)
Hank Snow "Moonlight and skies"

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jonnhy qwango

Just bought the zonophone 78rpm with lonely and blue . Its crackly an noisey but my god is it beautiful. I wss told its genuinely from 1930 an its a bit of history to show my future kids an that jimmie will never die as long as i have my copy or true true music