Whippin' That Old T.B.
Jimmie Rodgers Lyrics

De-yodel-ay-ee, oh-lay-ee, oh-de-lee-da-lay-dee

Listen all you rounders, you ought to be like me
Don't worry about consumption, even if they call it T.B.

De-yodel-ay-ee, a-lay-ee, oo-de-lee-da-lay-dee

T.B., T.B., some say tonic is fine
You take all your medicine you want, I'll take good liquor for mine
De-yodel-ay-ee, a-lay-ee, oo-de-lee-da-lay-ee

Oh, the hospital and the doctor, done everything they could (Lord, Lord)
Happiness and the sunshine, Lord, it's done me all the good

De-yodel-ay-ee, a-lay-ee, oo-de-lee-da-lay-ee

Don't let that old T.B ever get you down (don't let it get you down)
First they want your insurance, then they want to plant you in the ground

Oh-de-lee-eee-eee-eee (spoken: play it boy, play that thing)

Just in your mind your troubles you forgot
Because good old contentment, it's going to help you a lot

De-yodel-ay-ee, a-lay-ee, oo-de-lee-da-lay-ee

Ain't no use to worry, no use to lay down and die
Cause nine times out of ten ain't nobody will cry

De-yodel-ay-ee, a-lay-ee, oo-de-lee-da-lay-ee

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Comments from YouTube:

Marvin Thayer

My father had original albums when I was a child. I grew up on this music.


Impressive track, enjoyed it much... Thank you for uploading!

Swingin Music

Great song!




I am going to update this in 2020 and say whippin that old CV(covid 19). You people can take all the medicine you want, I am taking good liquor for mine! Amen Jimmie.


@NoVa_Raindrop Hilarious a middle finger to all the people that died from Covid

Aiden mcquestionable

So sad