Wonderful You
Jimmie Rodgers Lyrics

Wonder-wonder-wonderful you
Oh what a wonder just being under
Moonlight when the night is new
But I am betting it's just the setting
For the wonder that is you.

Dreams are a wonder
Now that I understand
Simply by seeing and always being
With the wonder that is you

Wonder-wonder-wonderful you
Wonder-wonder-wonderful you.
Wonder if you dear
Want to be true dear
Just to me your whole life through
Wonderful lifetime man and wife-time
With the wonder that is you.

Contributed by Ryan J. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

M Wong

What a wonderful song by Jimmie! Perfect voice, perfect tune, and perfect lyric. A timeless masterpiece of work,


"Wonderful" is right, Jim! Love the song and its lyrics, and your terrific video! Thanks so much for sharing! I hope you're having a wonderful weekend, my friend :))


@LoveTheOConnor Thank you, Heather! I'm so happy you liked it! An album cut that I always loved. Thank you for your very nice comments and I hope your weekend is wonderful, too :))



Thank you for posting this delightful share.


@maureen1938 You are more than welcome, Maureen. I am so glad you enjoyed it! I love his songs. Thank you so much for listening and commenting!


John Benn

WOW WOW WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
From a mad keen 74yo Aussie fan.


i am 12 years old - sitting on the floor watching our small black and white - jimmy comes on - he starts singing this song and the camara moves in and up closer and closer until he is done - i knew in my heart i had heard a perfect song - years later i found it and wore it out playing it - nice post ----------------------------


+Blake Cavender Great singer, for sure. Thanks so much for listening to this one!

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