Wayfaring Stranger
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In that bright land
To which I go
I'm only going
To see my mother
Over Jordan
Wayfaring stranger

Overall Meaning

The lyrics of Joachim Pastor's song "Wayfaring Stranger" speak of a longing for reunion with loved ones in the afterlife. The singer of the song longs to be reunited with his mother in the "bright land" that lies beyond the Jordan River. The lyrics evoke a feeling of homesickness for a place that is both earthly and otherworldly, a place where the singer can finally find peace and belonging.

At the heart of the song is the idea of the wayfaring stranger, someone who is constantly moving through life, searching for a sense of belonging and purpose. The lyrics suggest that this journey is not just physical, but spiritual as well, as the wayfaring stranger navigates the mysteries of life and death in search of a greater understanding of himself and the world. Ultimately, the song is a meditation on the human journey, the longing for connection, and the hope for a better world beyond.

Line by Line Meaning

In that bright land
I am referring to the heaven or afterlife, a bright and beautiful place full of hope.

To which I go
This refers to the singer's belief that after death, their spirit will go to that bright land.

I'm only going
The singer acknowledges that they are going to that land for only one reason - to meet someone.

To see my mother
The artist is motivated by the strong desire to see their mother, who may have passed away and be in heaven already.

Over Jordan
This line refers to the biblical story of crossing over the Jordan River to enter the Promised Land, however, in this context, it simply means crossing over to the other side, which is heaven.

Wayfaring stranger
The singer identifies themselves as a wayfaring stranger, which means they are someone who is a traveler, a wanderer, or a visitor with no permanent home. The singer is acknowledging that they are on this journey through life alone, with no guarantees or promises of stability or a permanent place in the world.

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Criminally underrated track


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Insane track ♡


This deserves WAY more attention....

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So good, this deserves way more views lol


9 years ago....
Still.... So ... UTTERLY ... beautiful.....

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