The Unquiet Grave
Joan Baez Lyrics

Cold blows the wind to my true love
And gently drops the rain
I've never had but one true love
And in green-wood he lies slain

I'll do as much for my true love
As any young girl may
I'll sit and mourn all on his grave
For a twelve months and a day
And when twelve months and a day was passed
The ghost did rise and speak
Why sittest thou all on my grave
And will no let me sleep?

Go fetch me water from the desert
And blood from out the stone
Go fetch me milk from a fair maid's breast
That young man never has known

How oft on yonder grave, sweetheart
Where we were want to walk
The fairest flower that e'er I saw
Has withered to a stalk

A stalk has withered and dead, sweetheart
The flower will never return
And since I've lost my own true love
What can I do but yearn

When will we meet again, sweetheart
When will we meet again?
When the autumn leaves that fall from the trees
Are green and spring up again


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Comments from YouTube:

King Perkins

For some of the younger listeners, you must understand the uniqueness of Joan's voice, so pure, clear and high, she captured the essences of the early Peace movement, a singular voice standing out from so many others. While others may have sung the same song and done an excellent job she still shines brightest because of the purity of her interpretation-

Bosco Dantas

I can only say that her voice is travelling through out our galaxie


What a singular talent. This performance captures her early magic better than any other video, in my opinion. Notice her face between 0:16 and 0:20 as she physically and emotionally disappears into the song and stays there until after the end. A rare and profound artist.

Dr. Rune

This performance is so beautiful. I came to know this song because it used in one of Penny Dreadful's episodes, and also in the trailer for the second season of the show, albeit with a distinctively more somber mood. D.R.

Gareth Instone

@DealReal12 Doesn't matter where people discover good music, does it? If it opens them up to searching and finding things like this then what exactly is your problem?
The only lame thing here is you and your comment ;)

Salwa Mohammed

Hasfast me too 🖤


Hasfast you millennials get your music from lame millennial tv shows how boring


@Hasfast same here. sounded so beautiful


Yes, let's hope... didn't knew the serie, but definitly gonna watch it know!! Accidently came on the trailer from season 2 :)

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Feyza A.

I came here because I learned about this ballad during my "introduction to english literature" class and this woman's voice is just amazing!

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