Love Is Pain
Joan Jett and the Blackhearts Lyrics

Hey you must obey
Or you will bleed
You know I need to get my way
So now you listen up
You are my pup
I beat you up in every way
An' when I speak to you
You answer true
Or I will make you black and blue
I love to make you wait
You take the bait
I know you hate and love me too
We are not to blame
For seeing love is pain
An' we are not ashamed

To say that love is pain
An' we'll do it again
I know you're not afraid
'Cause when you stayed
You knew you made the final show
So now you must submit
I'll never quit till you admit
You'll never go
We are not to blame
For seeing love is pain
We are not ashamed
To say that love is pain
We are not ashamed, we are not ashamed
We are not ashamed, we are not ashamed
To say that love is pain
And we'll do it again

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Written by: JOAN JETT

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I liked Kristen Stewart a lot in The Runaways... I don't think there's any actress who could have played Joan's character better.

Verity Verri

She gave Joan a lesbian vibe... Riiiight, a vibe that wasn't originally there, yeah? On the very straight Joan Butch Jett, writter of Bad Reputation, a lesbian anthem...
I'd love to know what Joan herself thought of it... Oh no, wait, I know because she said many times on interviews how amazed she was tha Christen depicted her so well, down to perfect body language and maneirisms and also Joan spent a lot of time on set ans is credited as a consultant for the movie...
But yeah, you are probably right, mr. 666, Joan probably assumed that Stewart was playing a very intense galpal.

KrisTendul Editz


Tina Pinnix

Kristen gives Joan a lesbian vibe...blahaaa I though that was when she was kissing Cherrie a GIRL & stuff...yea uh... I think that was the lesbian VIBE you speak OF


except joan jett.

I dont like her in the role. Yes she played her great but she added a lesbian vibe to her which I dont completely agree. I also think Jett was more rock macho then fem punk. Just a hunch Im not true fan of either.

Ryan Purple Nintendo Eater

Maybe mila kunis she looks like her

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I wish Joan Jett was my mother.


..and this is why I will never regret my Joan Jett tattoo.

Taylor Sailor

i remember when i saw the movie and it made me instantly fall in love with joan jett. kirsten stewart does play the part pretty well, and she looks just like joan. it also made me happy to know that dakota fanning is only 15 and did such a great job at playing cherie. i just love the 80s and everything about it.

Hell Angels

Bone Brother you have no idea how lucky you are! I wasn’t born back in the days but I would give everything to travel back in time! The 70’s looked like an awesome era to be a teenager.

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