Joanna Newsom Lyrics

Erin, Erin, Erin!
Errin' across America

Do now cheer me on
Can you hear the song for you?

Quick, now, caramel dip
Give it up to the runaway ship
Hail, now, hail to the bitch
The hairy literary with the nervous, nervous twitch

Shy, your light pops out
And we stand there astounded
And we pound our heads and shout
We shout 'alleluia'
Well, look what it did to ya

Oh, a horrible mess
And we're eatin' by the river in the sunday dress
Oh, serenade me
Eatin' the biscuits and gravy

You are missin' from me
As you juggle with your uncle in the red, red sea
I will wait, or will
Knock my knees and talk, you oh so still

Oh, Shenandoah
We just crossed the wide Missouri
You are so...
Bonny, shhhhhh, do not worry

Quick, now, caramel dip
Give it up to the runaway ship
Life's so sweet and so low
Buried in the water, yeah, buried in the snow

So dear, deep and so dark
Sleepin' under papers in the central park

Twentieth floor balcony houses what is home to me
Twentieth floor balcony houses what is home to me
Twentieth floor balcony houses what is home to me

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Comments from YouTube:

Quattro Bajeena

Haven’t listen to this song in years. Reminds me of a weird time in my life I don’t think I can come here for A while again. What an amazing song

Mama Pills

I could fall asleep on a rainy afternoon listening to her music. It's so soothing and surreal and fabulous. I love it.


i love this song opposed to others by newsom. it sounds so cute. and i think its just me, but i think her voice has a major contrast with the melody. but it seems to be so appropriate and i dont think there are many that can pull off that technique other then newsom. i wish i had the album.

Sara Cruz

This is my new favorite JN song. They're all my favorite, but I'm partial to this one. I love her voice! I hope she goes back to this style, her wisper-singing off her new album is nice, but this is more "signature" Joanna. I want to meet her so badly! BIGGEST FAN. LOVEEE HEEERRR!!!!!!! :D


automatic tears with this one for me. Just so beautiful


I love this song! If she re-recorded this on some future album, I would just die from joy... *o*

Banged Minsoo

-Such a good song. I love joanna. She is so beautiful:) her harp just adds to the beauty

Chloe S

Is this joanna's most underrated song?


It's pretty good. Paul McCartney couldn't write a song for shit after he hit 30 and every other songwriter ever shares that general arc, somewhat. She might genuinely think this song is shit, but it's not.


i love the part from 2:54 - 3:16. but you can't really hear those bass notes that well, unless you have good speakers or headphones

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