Jodeci Lyrics

Come and talk to me [echoed]
Can I talk to you [echoed]
Comeee and talk to me [echoed]
[Talking: kci]
I wanna love, I wanna luv you, I wanna luv u, I wanna luv u [repeated]
Girl I'm reachin out my hand, tryin to make you understand you don't have to be
Alone, cause I wanna be your man,girl I need u in my life, just wanna live
Right by yo side, so gurl I hope ur satisfied, until u give this love a try.
Im in need of love and baby ur in need of love so what about us on and on and
On til the break of dawn [repeated 2x]
Can u feel, can u feel me cause I can feel u baby.
[verse 2]
Satisfaction garanteed if u come and get wit me, gurl I can get down on knees,
So let me please do u lady, do u lady cause I know that's what u need, I'm need
A love, I need ur love girl listen to me.
Shoby doo wop show doo wop I wanna love u I wanna luv u baby.
[vamp out]
[ad libs K-ci and JoJo]

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Comments from YouTube:

Nyairia Maberry

They took it to church on this , let's not forget kci and Jojo were quartet gospel stars first

Miss Shell

KC went in on the vocals for this!

Carlos Moses, Jr

Despite the interlude being short, it still sounded better than any music made past 2009

B.O.B Puck

Word Up G


Damn, the way DeVante played that lead synth, bruh... one of the best to do this RNB shit!


This shit right here nigga???...right here??? Dopest interlude ever. I'm still bumping this in almost 2020!!! Goosebumps nigga!!! Lol.

s Hill

Man listen. Without the vocals, it sounded like a film score to me. Wrote my first dramatic/ action scene to this. 0:41 is the exact cue where the hero smokes the heavy and the love interest runs into his arms. 90s were so... Melodramatic. With everything. But it worked. Lol

D JoneZ


LockedTarget FlowsHardest

JoJo had sooooooooooo.... sooooo. so much more to give. but at that time... it was just about the tenors.

Chloe Easterling

Jojo was a liggero tenor

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