When We Get Married
Joe Bataan Lyrics

Darlin' oh-oh-oh

When we get married we'll have a big celebration
Send invitations to all our friends and relations
We'll have a ball, dancing and all
When we get married.

When the bells ring and tell the world I'm taking your hand
Folks from all over will come to see the wedding we've planned
We'll have a ball, dancing and all
When we get married (when we get married).

we'll have a time
(We'll dance and dine) and darling, we'll be oh so gay--mm
(We'll have a ball) we'll have a ball
(Dancing and all) and darling we'll be in love

Just wait and see--our wedding day is not very far
Old folks will whisper and say how lovely we both are
We'll have a ball, dancing and all-l-l
When we get married (oh) mm-mm-mm (oh, oh, oh, oh)

Writer(s): Donald Hogan

Contributed by Jake B. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Jessica M

This rola will be playing the day I get married in three months can't wait I'll be slow dancing with my best friend my husband I'll be crying but tears of joy can't wait

Fest Smith

Yeah Joe! True doowop style ! To sweet !!!😎

Mark Scorse

This song was produce with love...

Marlene Sebazco

It said it all - too bad some people can't keep their word...

Zev Feldman


Luke Mora

Firme song