You're Driving Me Right out of My Mind
Joe Bataan Lyrics

Now that you've taken, all the love that I could give
You're still not satisfied, you don't want me anymore
Let me be, don't take advantage of me
And you're driving me, right out of my mind
My little heart's gonna be, pretty hard to find

Day by day, my life falls apart
The only thing, is my broken heart
Set me free, don't make a fool of me
And you're driving me, right out of my mind
My little heart's gonna be, pretty hard to find

What matter now? What do you think that I am?
That you could treat me this way (Treat me the way you do)
By bannin' me, shapin' me, twistin' me, the way that you wanted me

Oh no.
Oh noo...
I'm not a clown that you can laugh at
A clown that's too proud to cry
I'm just an ordinary lad

Oh no.
Oh noo...

What's left for me to do? My heart's in two, girl
(You're drivin' me)
You broke my heart in little pieces, yeah
(Right out out of my mind)
What's left for me to do, girl?
(You're drivin' me)
Let me be, don't take advantage of me
Set me free
Don't make a fool of me
(You're driving me right out of my mind)

Writer(s): Joe Bataan

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All of these great oldies take me back, I get flooded with beautiful memories. My mind takes me back to when I was a little girl trying to hang out with my older siblings. My brother the music lover, the dancer of the family. I loved the music my brother would play, party to, hang out with his friends, just listen to, he loved Joe Batan!!!!! My brother taught me how to dance, how to wear my hair, how to select the good guy. My other oldest brother was like a second father to me, he always looked out for me. My brothers were my bestest friend. Such sweethearts they were!!!! Goodnight Tony/Bill.....Thanks for being good, stand up, sweet, kind gents!!!!!!

Delia Fabio

Joe Batan has always been a big part of my life when I was a lil girl and still is till this day his music is so beautiful I could play this music all day every day it makes my day and puts me in a good mood. stay blessed Mr.Joe Batan ur true fan ur the Bomb!

Joseph Apodaca

Delia Fabio it's cool to know it's not just me who appreciates music that has meaning. Good taste !

Roland Hernandez

One the greatest Latin Singer to ever perform him and Ralphie Pagon


One bad ass jam!!! This is when your going thru it with your woman.

Monica Ramirez

Can't go wrong with Mr. JOE BATAAN!

Lisa Fmelendez

Monica Ramirez not you can't I just had to send this to my guy. ...

Marcus Martinez

+Monica Ramirez Oh no you can't!

Yumyum Marie

A song that can never be out of style..It is Style! Alot of Good Memories..Set me free

Retired Tony 1970

+Evelyn marie Oldies forever que no? ciaoo firme jam

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