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Joe and Will Ask? Lyrics

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Single You might have seen me hangin' 'round I never miss one…
Warm it Up When a train comes, I don't know what to do I'm…

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@Pak De While this isn't a liberal arts thing as a whole yeah there is unfortunately a lot of truth in this at least in the US. It has unfortunately become apparent that education has been a cover for forming an institutionalized public day care under the lens of education thus the most important aspect of education critical thinking is straight up never taught with curriculums decided primarily by politics not by actual evidence and research on how the human brain works. As such the way schooling is done is primarily controlled with the election/appointment cycle which leads to what my mom and other teachers call the swinging pendulum. This leads to incongruities like kids being "taught" fractions before multiplication yet alone division.

We put off having kids think when young just like we put off having them exercise or eat tough foods but that unfortunately the human body is wired by usage so that which never gets used in early development does not develop because nature is lazy.
I.e. we should be challenging our kids far more not less rational critical thinking needs to be taught from the beginning by continuous exposure well before a child can intuitively understand it, perhaps even preverbal skills since infants and 1 year olds can pick up and process a shocking amount of information from their environments in terms of culture and beliefs. The human brain is something which develops gradually as we age really up until our mid late 20's for judgement sections but pathways are being laid out from the beginning when cellular differentiation starts building a brain in utero.

The brain like our muscles works by the principal use it or lose it. Neurons and muscles both are highly energy intensive tissues reliant on ion mediated action impulses.

It seems both have some degree of electrical and mechanical impulses which have been respectively specialized for their respective roles electrical for neurons and mechanical for muscles but they are functionally derived from the same evolutionary origin in the ion pathways used by prokaryotic organisms to interact with their environment. While we don't fully understand it this ion mediated signaling seems to based on work studying the the nature of anesthesia to be a core critically conserved biological pathway *inherited at the minimum, from the Last Universal Common Ancestor(LUCA) (~3.9 Ga around 4 billion years ago) and conserved across all domains of life. No organism lacks this system it is deeply conserved across all known prokaryotic life with Eukaryotes further specializing in its expression as complexity arose.

Repurposing this system for locomotion and large scale coordination has been a huge evolutionary driver for animals both in terms of energy and resources. Bones for instance appear to have evolved originally as mineral storage of calcium the most important ion for mediating these reactions only gaining structural functions millions of years later which explains both why bone atrophy occurs in low gravity environments and why evolution favors min maxing these pathways whenever it can.

Most of our calories go to these two systems so we have evolved ways to minimize the amount of energy needed for these systems in the sake of survival hence it literally is a use it or lose it situation. Humans anscestors were able to gradually enhance the expression of these pathways through a number of evolutionary adaptations over time fixed neuron size in early primates, a chromosome rearranging mutation within ancestral hominids after they split from chimps effectively increasing the total metabolic budget or the amount of calories used now before further calories are invested into storage i.e. fat (note the con for this adaptation the development of effective long term food preservation and storage was probably also very important for making this possible), the incorporation of meat into our diets several million years ago, the eventual development of cooking food at least by H. Erectus allowing our digestive tracks the other major energy expensive system to be strongly reduced, the late arrival of pastural herding and agriculture further loosening the limitations on calorie availability.

Note that further technological development has only widened this over availability largely playing a driving role in obesity. We evolved to minimize calories used trying to survive in a very volatile climate of Africa and the Middle East as precession cyclically flipflops the region between grassland and savanna climates and hot desert every 20,000 years for at least the last 8 million years with the onset of the northern hemisphere ice ages only exacerbating this effect. Food was not a guarantee or reliable we scrapped for every bit we could so spending the least calories to accomplish what we needed was paramount. We developed large brains not because we could but because we had to to survive. With our cushy modern lifestyles we no longer have to develop these pathways anymore and thus we have over the last 80,000 years steadily reduced our brain size and development as we outsourced the role of these once arduous cognitive tasks to others in increasingly socially complex tribes/clans/societies.

The strong expression of these pathways really heralds their true role in making us what we are. We are in essence victims of our own success.

I think an important insight is that objectively we can't know with 100% confidence what facts are true but we can using the evidence at hand always evaluate the likelihood of a given idea or hypothesis of approaching truth. This is the nature of what science is a method to approach objective reality to our best ability as limited observers which has been crucial to our advancement despite our strong cognitive biases.

Facts and the concept of an absolute truth thus are a mathematical abstractions like infinity represents incomprehensibly large numbers they serve as a limit as we asymptotically converge towards truth.

Because we teach our children around the concept of "facts" the average child never learns about the true nature of knowledge and humanity. Humans have to some extent undergone eusocial selection over the last 80,000 years developing social intelligence somewhat at the expense of individual intelligence which was extremely high but was mostly lost with each generation. The change in cognition comes with its own consequences as we see the first evidence of large scale group conflicts or wars really ramping up in scale and brutality. Given what we observe in other animals that have undergone eusocial selection in particular ants at the most extreme example the tendency towards violence will only become more and more extreme if we continue evolving down this path.

Reason and logic and ultimately the scientific method represent our species first hope the potential to break free of our set of trade offs in our quest for true sapience which like truth and infinity is likely an unreachable abstraction. We can be sapient but *only with the awareness and knowledge to act against our instincts when they conflict with reality*.

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“It is usually futile to try to talk facts and analysis to people who are enjoying a sense of moral superiority in their ignorance.”
~ Thomas Sowell

Butch Cassidy


Evan Brumback

@Kelly Fleisher lol

Kelly Fleisher

I see you Liberty
Over there with your Thomas Sowell and your freedom

Kelly Fleisher

@Evan Brumback oh snappppp

Evan Brumback

@Grommpy *pigeon

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Shannon McDowell

"Are we doomed?" Well, we're a species with irrational thoughts, subconscious biases, and nuclear weapons...


I'd also like to play devil's advocate and argue that most people default to "we're doomed" when in reality if we all actually got our shit together we could transcend our current shitty human condition, but unfortunately the majority of people hopelessly declaring "we're doomed and there's nothing we could do" is learned helplessness and isn't helping matters further.

Bobo San

@R Wilson emphasis on STILL

R Wilson

A person might think we are doomed yet we are still here.

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