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Right Hand High
Joe and Will Ask? Lyrics

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Kid Sister Hi I'm Kid Sister and I'm stacking money Drinking all night…

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Single You might have seen me hangin' 'round I never miss one…
Warm it Up When a train comes, I don't know what to do I'm…

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Comments from YouTube:

A.J. Skouras

I skipped some segments in the video but I think the best part was trauma's girlfriend's conversation with trauma.


hands down best drunk stream of 2018 for SFE. felt like the old heist finale, except danger really knocked it out of the park with the truths. the whole stream was a time stamp.

Sage Mcchesney

This was so random but I loved it.

Brady Johnson

I think trauma is my favorite person ever

Chico Estrada

Danger any other drunk streams from you should be wile you play dark souls

Pug Tortuga

When I was younger I was endlessly friend zoned. I had 109 female friends , yes I kept a spread sheet to always remember.
The truth is quit simple , NEVER be friends with a woman. Don’t be friendly unless you are BLATANTLY flirting. The rest of the time talk gruffly and don’t even smile at them. Works like a fucking charm, no more friend zone and you don’t get used as a emotional tampon. You get laid and don’t have to listen to them yapping. Just saying if you are friend zoned it’s your fault.

Pug Tortuga

Got so drunk he brags about $9 mean while me got donated $189. Still not brag worthy but it was better lol

Daniel du TOIT

Good floaties Dinger

Dr. Agony

i'm watching replay and don't know if you already knew it, but shift clicking is a minecraft thing for faster inventory organising...

Pug Tortuga

Dr. Agony It’s been in game at least since Lemmings in 1987

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