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She Came Along
Joe and Will Ask? Lyrics

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.KiD CuDi. Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh Strange, how…

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Single You might have seen me hangin' 'round I never miss one…
Warm it Up When a train comes, I don't know what to do I'm…

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Jew and Greek

"Hello Joe. This is Donald. What recommendations can you make for dealing with this crisis?"

"Well George, I think you should put the record player on ...."


"Then make sure that you have plenty of Vicks Vaporub for the kids"

"Joe, this is a pandemic we're dealing with"

"You should also probably teach the kids about duck and cover"

"Okay Joe. Get some rest"

The Herald

Hey Beatleme2; Got your message my friend. It was hard to find because it's not on any of these threads from your initial thread.
The book of Daniel and Johns Book of Revelation gives some insight of the "Man of Lawlessness".
Daniel mentions a man to come that has "...a mouth that speaks "GREAT" things." What's Trump's favorite word? Now some folks would say,"Aw that's just coincidental."
Maybe! But sometimes I think the writer Daniel, unknowingly in inspiration gave us a clue. The clue is the word "Great".
Clarence Larkin who wrote "Dispensational Truth", in his chapter on the Antichrist, gave the characteristics of this man to come in the "latter days and times" which I think we maybe in. They are these: "...Audacious, Arrogant, Narcissistic, Persecuting, and Imperious, and will change times and laws."
Who could deny that Trump is all of these characteristics.
He did proclaim not long ago on the Whitehouse lawn,"I am the chosen one." And he really thinks that! The evangelicals and Israel's think so too obviously. The evangelicals most of all should know better than to give allegiance to such a persona. But Revelations tells us that the world will follow after the beast. His uncanny charm will sway those not regarding the Christ prophecy on the mount of olives in chapter 24 of Matthew.
Trump no sooner after his win; in February of 2017 went to Israel already talking about a treaty between Israel and Palestinians.
A year later in June 2018 I think, he announces to the world that Jerusalem is now Capital of Israeli, and glowered how no other president before him took upon themselves to do this. There's a reason why. Because those presidents thought it should be Israel that names their own topography, not some other nation or it's leader. But of course it was for Trump getting hosannah's and cheers from the evangelicals of our country. These are Biblical red flags.
This action will dupe the Israelis. And it hasn't happened yet, but if Israel is rebuilding it's temple as prophesied, and they invite Trump( if he's still around after 2020) to sit in the seat that Jesus warned them of. Already they have minted a coin with his face over a silhouetted King Cyrus of Assyria. Check it out on youtube.
Are you starting to see the puzzle that seems to be coming together for these latter times?
And yes; you're quite correct about the possibilities of putting chips in the hand or forehead as Revelation tells. We know it can be done, because we do it to animals. And this Corona virus thing could be the thing to push it forward, or something else.
To help you understand the prophecies better, I suggest getting the book "Dispensational Truth" by Mr.Larkin, in hardback. It may cost $25, but worth it.
Next to the Bible, it is a good learning tool. In this, you'll understand why Israel's return to their land after centuries of dispersion and captivity is significant. It fulfills the 70 weeks of years Daniel wrote of. (youtube Daniels 70 weeks of years; And Ezekiel chapter 37 in regards to Israel's return)
Are we possibly in that time that Christ and the saints warned us of?
I think the olives branches are near ripe, and the Christ return is soon.
1 Corinthians 15th chapter and 1 Thessalonians 4th Chapter.
Be well and stay as watchful as Jesus parable of the 5 wise and 5 foolish virgins.

Nathan Baker

The same reason why people are staying at home in the first place: if you stay inside your house, you're not exposing yourself to other people. The experts have said it's highly unlikely that you could get coronavirus from your mail, but if it makes you feel better to worry about this, you can easily wash your hands after picking up your mail.

From a Washington Post article on this exact topic:

Although it is theoretically possible for a person to become infected a day or two after someone has deposited virus particles (for example, by sneezing) on a surface, it is much less likely than in the first couple of hours after the sneeze, said Munster.

“The risk of becoming infected via these routes of transmission reduces over time,” Munster said. ‘That window of becoming infected is highest in the first 10 minutes, or one hour or two hours.”

He addressed a commonly voiced concern: that a package in the mail may be a vector for the disease. He said that is very unlikely, but added, “There’s never zero risk if the person who gave you the package just sneezed on that package one second ago.”

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Joey Walker

I can't believe they actually uploaded this.

Hi Lo

@fake name thnx btw

Hi Lo

Algorithm/view count says alot

fake name

You came to see 6:02 ... your welcome.

Jon G

I love how she treats him like she is interviewing a 6 year old.

Adiza Abdul kadir

Can we please chat on what's app for as to know more about each others baby please

George A. Lozano

Not really, more as if she were talking with her senile grandfather. He goes on and on incoherently until he talks himself into a corner. All she can do is nod an smile uncomfortably, afraid to interrupt for the fear that he would lose his train of thought, desperately hoping that he actually says something coherent, and keenly aware that she is not going to get any useful information and here role is simply to make him feel better. She is a very nice lady!

gilbert gonzalez

8 year old. Haha


Haha exactly. And Joe, one last question, and I’m sorry to ask you this difficult question but what’s your favorite color?

Joe looks around the room and down to his jacket “Ahh that would be umm blue.”

Nicole “Aww like your coat, so cute. You must be tuckered out, I’ll let you get to your nap time.”


this looks like a mother speaking to her son that have special needs...

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