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Strong Love
Joe and Will Ask? Lyrics

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Al Denson I hear people say That Christians need a crutch That we ru…
Jon Thurlow Your love is written on my heart There is not a…
Newsboys He swings to the left, she leans to the right But…
Spencer Group Davis Strong love is what you've got And I can't get no…
Steve Winwood; The Spencer Davis Group Strong love is what you've got And I can't get no…
Sweet You are the love of my life That's what you are…
The Spencer Davis Group Strong love is what you've got And I can't get no…

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Single You might have seen me hangin' 'round I never miss one…
Warm it Up When a train comes, I don't know what to do I'm…

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Because their both psychopaths, i actually ship them. Thats why i got so mad when joe moved on to another woman at the end


maybe that means what he truly wants is a normal life but can never have it because he's been rejecting his own dark side and justifying his crime, he can't accept that he's actually twisted, broken, so, deep down, he rejects Love who's basically the same as he, because he cannot accept himself, they two would've been a crazy couple- or like what Love'd said, soulmates.

lil maidree

I'm not I need drama


I wolf love in Joe but I understand that they don't fit in his opinion. He needs someone to take care about, someone to protect. Now that he knows that she doesn't need his protection he lost interest.

Dark Black

If she is not his mom I will support Love


based on her skin and wrinkle, it might be his mom, cause you know he want something he doesn't have before, first 9 years tough because of his mom abusive boyfriend so he doesnt get a lot of love and attention from his mom, i just wished its his mom, Love just so deeply and crazily in love with him, she literally do anything for love.

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Gary Hayes

Joe should have stopped it here and should have been with love.Taking him to the third season is definitely going to kill him for sure 😂

Rakesh Sharma

@Gary Hayes and whoever lived at the end killed by their own child


Joe and Love were broken up.

Vader Skywalker

@Bastian Wibisana
Well I think that is because they decide have a time... Love does love with another guy too

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