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Joep Beving Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:

Sameoldfitup The Department For Transport & Travel

"You can only avoid regret by switching off your imagination."


짐싸고 나가야 될 것만 같은 ㅋㅋㅋ

Maher Maher

I reach a higher dimension when I listen to this piece.

friesiaman s

this is one of the most amazing things music can do, no?
in my younger years music for me had to be as wild and as complex as possible, only the fastest drummer was good enough for me and the weirdest guitarist a.s.o. - mr. brian eno showed me, that quiet music with only a handful of tones, well placed and with a mellow sound can touch my soul in a way, that no wild music can... :-)
thank you for sharing this...


Those little crinkling sounds in the background just add to the emotion of this piece

friesiaman s

@David Braun yep, he is indeed cool, i´m glad you like him - he does other amazing things, even with a choir - there are so many amazing artists out there today, it´s incredible - i love youtube for giving me access to all that - i case you want one more, here is my loopstation hero:

David Braun

@friesiaman s Thank you for introducing me to Martin Kohlstedt. Didn't expect what he did in the second video after watching the first, what a cool dude! :)

friesiaman s

@David Braun i like that you have the humour not to get angry about my remark, no harm meant indeed...
thanks for your description, he seems in fact to have a quite similar attitude as me, my piano looks the same, haha... :-)
sometimes i might add some paper into the mechanics to get different sounds a.s.o. and i also tried to play it with a handfan, but it didn´t sound too nice - i have a stringboard on which that technique works well...
i just remembered another man, i learned about last year and find him also truely amazing and cool:
thank you my friend...

David Braun

@friesiaman s yeah, my explanation might be boring, i agree. The sound on the other hand is very much not boring. :) Beving also removes all the lids he can remove from a piano without collapsing it, so the mechanics can be heard louder, or maybe so the sound of the piano as a whole can get to the listener unfiltered through wood panels, who knows, but i really like it when i can hear those little noises.

friesiaman s

@David Braun hmmm, boring somehow - but i remember, that a long time ago i recorded some of my own stuff and because people kept critcizing the clicking sound of my long fingernails on the keys, i added an exra microphone for recording and mixing this sound to the music, haha - plus a while ago i got a mellotron app and there you can actually mix the sound of the mechanics to the sound of the music... :-)

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