Mega Grit
Joey Cool Lyrics

Coolie baby
Ha ha ha

Bitch I have arrived
I'm on time and I know it
I've become immortalized
In their eyes and I'm for it
Under bright lights
Every single night when I'm tourin'
Runnin' numbers up
Better check the boards I'm scorin'
Been revitalized, and


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Mustafa Taşkıran


Coolie baby
Ha ha ha
Bitch I have arrived I'm on time and I know it
I've become immortalized in their eyes and I'm for it
Under bright lights every single night when I'm tourin
Runnin numbers up better check the boards I'm scorin
Been revitalized and my arse I'm showin
They gon say you idolized when a stars starts glowin
Oh my god I'm goin to the top of that totem
I don't trust em I don't know em bout as far as I can throw em
Boy if you ain't got the nuts my advice is that you grow em
Had a couple bars written I ain't like em I rewrote em
And my energy is get this bitch to revving like a motor
I am not the status quo but I am sure to reach the quota
Boy it's Big Coolie here I am honorary mob
They be like this little moolie contrary to the odds
I am only scared of God Tech and Trav they gave me nods
Rockin black wayfarers my fedora and my pods
See if you ain't got the vision you gon follow someone else
Got a couple gems hidden keepin all that to myself
Told me that I couldn't get it so I bought it for myself
I be pushing audio but I do cardio to help
Ima fuck around and have to call an audible I guess
Erasing me from history just isn't probable I bet
My success is making niggas highly volatile I guess
I would show my colors too that's applaudable respect
Mega grit mega grit meg-meg-mega grit mega grit
Meg-mega grit me-mega-grit
(Lil bitch!)
Bitch I have arrived
I'm Muhammad Ali the whole world I done shook it
I been known to roam wit a couple locos crooked
Ass niggas ask me if I was tryna roll book it
Always been an old soul but I'm still gon cook it
When I see some content is when my eyes stop rollin
I could never be content cuz that's when I stop growin
When the high stop goin and the vibe stop flowin
Ima have to reassess but I will not stop rollin
Bitch I'm Cristiano Ronaldo I keep kickin
Chi town wit the fits all the homies keep flickin
Why we always gettin picked cuz you keep it nitpickin
'Fi was born some eras earlier they'd tell me he's bitchin!
If you teach a man to fish then the man can keep fishin
Learn to feed his family and exit all his superstitions
Never tryna give a lecture but I'm proud of you for listenin
Bawled up all my five fingers in the air and stuck a fist in
I'm a thriller gory gritty by the ordinance of city
Crime novel crime novelist the author of it is he
That jaded nah I'm great restoring order gettin busy
I'm reporting everything lemme record this little ditty (ahh!)
Mega grit mega grit meg-meg-mega grit mega grit
Meg-mega grit me-mega-grit
(I know you see it!)
Bitch I have arrived
I'm beginning ta tink if I don't call then we ain't talkin
That's a shame cause they all said we'd be connected til the coffin
Guess when you leave your job you don't see coworkers very often
Yeah it's love I can't lie but it feel like fuck you like a dolphin
Lotta people talkin shit thought that I should really worry
When they left started ballin like I was next of kin ta Curry
Multi millions on investments cause I'm dope super wordy
Bitch I leveled up when everybody got ghost peace to the furley
When you winnin since the beginning
They'll be some that wish you lose it
Call it hate tryna erase my history is simply foolish
If you down and you produce it
But quit then give excuses
Keepin it cordial when I see you
But we ain't doin no mo music
I ain't runnin from no man
If I feel we have a problem
He felt the issues enormous
When it's really a microcosm
No communication got em dark and gloomy as Gotham
This a shot from ya boss
And I think it's best that you play opposum
My new shit got me trendin
Me and Travis steady beastin
Bigger shows bigger music
Crazy numbers as of recent
How the hell it end up on the
Fuckin donald trump impeachment
Out of artists on this planet
Case of greatness I am wreakin mutha fucka
Mega grit mega grit meg-meg-mega grit mega grit
Meg-mega grit me-mega-grit
Bitch I have arrived

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vexo timmer

Tech is still rapping at a top tier level this far into his career, it's great to see. I been a fan since 1998, ever since I heard his verse on "Bumbell" from Yukmouth's "Thugged Out" album.

Alberto Bey AKA Status-Lock

​@REKLO REKLO Your right and yours is an opinion lol. You misunderstood Ash like how ppl always misunderstand Mellee Mel & KRS-One.

Yes an emcee is a higher level than rapping, and what do they always say? BECAUSE THEY ARE ROCKIN A CROWD. Even Mellee Mel said, who invented the term, was playing off the original definition of an M.C., A.K.A. the party host, WHO ROCKS A PARTY, or atleast these days, makes sure it doesn't go to flat. Of course, KRS-One tried to expand on it cause times have changed by saying an Emcee is for the culture and a rapper is corporate, but don't misunderstand, HE MEANS THAT TH EMCEE IS FOR THE CULTURE BECAUSE THEY R KEEPING THAT ASPECT ALIVE OF ROCKING CROWDS LOL. To rock the crowd, you HAVE TO spit real sht AND be slick with your literary devices

In other words, Every Emcee raps, but not every rapper can emcee. MATTER OF FACT KRS LITERALLY SAYS "An mc can be a rapper, but a rapper can never be an mc" AFTER HE MENTIONS THAT EMCEES R 4 TH CULTURE ETC. Like how all Mercedes(emcee) are cars(rappers), but not all cars are Mercedes.


@Ash S nah rappers rap bro. Emcee’s Emcee. Rappers always die off. Emcees live forever. Tech is at Rakim status or further. He is an Emcee and only an Emcee in my eyes. Opinions are like butt holes tho haha


Same bro! Finished high school in the late 90's and people thought I was nuts because I listened to him... now look at the world 😂

Smileyz World

@Tech N9ne F That!! Even on your bad days, your Still Top 5 Straight up Homie Tech N9ne. Never Stop Homie. 1 Luv

Jason Wade

In 98 I heard techn9ne for the first time. Gang related soundtrack he had the sickest rhyme.

13 More Replies...

Jay Hanks

Tech. Please don't ever retire!! One day you will be crowned the true GOAT. The time will/has to come

Russell Schubring

True especially if he keeps it up in his 60s

Dre Day in the LOU

Love it! Joey dope as usual. Literally was like a little kid waiting for Techs verse and my fellow Missourian ripped the fucking wires out the speakers my GOD! Techs energy, cadence, lyrics, and just overall presence is something that he can only bring. I say it every time I hear EBAHs voice on a track this dude is one of the GOATs, not just alive but ever! STRANGE the WORLD!!!!


Lol how in the world did your fellow Missourian rip the wires out? Are your wires messy and exposed or something???🤔

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