Largo for Violin
Johann Sebastian Bach Lyrics

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I'm an agnostic, but when I listen to the pieces Bach created, I feel as if am brought back to the place where it all began and where it ends. This man is truly divinely inspired. Thank you, Ray, for giving us a tiny glimpse into the mind of one of our greatest composers.

Wynn Horton

It doesn't end or begin. It is infinity. And infinity is a beautiful thing, too.

Victoria Chloe

i love how beautiful he plays and makes me wanna play more violin every day

verna lai

even hank is moved by this and he's stuck in the basement

Mark Cristoper Joaquin

Maybe hank will play it better and ray is scared that he’ll replace him lol

Snuffy Violin!

@Verna: That is the cutest comment I’ve ever seen on this channel!

Melissa Schroeter

is Biden there....

Natacha Lai

Have been paying attention to Ray’s finger😂 He definitely got beautiful hands and perfect fingers for the 🎻

Wolfgang Darius


Duncan Blue

His pinkies are longer than all of my fingers combined

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