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Radetzky March Op. 228
Johann Strauss I Lyrics

No lyrics text found for this track.

The lyrics can frequently be found in the comments below or by filtering for lyric videos.
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demopan demopan de-mo-pan
demopan demopan demo-pan-pan-pan
demopan demopan demo-pan-pan-pan
demo-pan-pan-pan demo-pan-pan-pan
demopan, ka-BOOM! BABLOOEY!
pan demopan demo-pan-pan-pan
demopan demopan demo-pan-pan-pan
demopan ka-BOOM! pan ka-BOOM!
pan-a-de-mo-de-mo-pan IN HELL!

All comments from YouTube:

bubba Tennessee

Finally found a Radetzky-Marsch on Youtube WITHOUT clapping. Thanks !!!

Wong Hiu Lan

Yes, thank goodness. the clapping really fucks up the quality of the whole performance!!!

Manuel B-S

Maravillosa marcha. Me gusta oírla todos los años en el concierto de año nuevo de Viena.

Diana DeSilva

One of my favorite pieces of Johann Strauss --- mood lifting.


Diana DeSilva you should watch Disney's The Waltz King.

Tunghao Lee

Great music, great story! Love it!


This version has an unusual start. Never heard a Radetzky March that starts off with such rolling percussions. I like it though.

Erlendur S Þorsteinsson

I've actually never heard this march except with similar rolling percussion at the beginning.

Artur H

Love this version

Letícia Fernandes

Minha favorita <3

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