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On the Beautiful Blue Danube
Johann Strauss II Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Johann Strauss II:

Voices of Spring Hear the music of the breeze That comes a humming through…

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B's Tech Channel

This piece is used for:
- Flying theme
- Squid game
- Classic waltz
- floating on space theme (odyssey 2001)
- Spirit burner
- Studying
- relaxing
- Titanic
- games
- classical music for babies
- Spongebob
- Spiderman
and many more...


The use of this music in the Squid Game fits perfectly. Because the fact that the people behind the game decided to use something so specifically soft and gentle when the players are losing all of their sanity/humanity and turning into monsters with lots of PTSD... Shows that they are clearly laughing in their fucking faces in a pretty disturbing way.

Just imagine.
You just killed a man and saw several others die in front of you. You are mentally destroyed and have a Vietnam look in your face.
You are starting to realice how easy is for you to take a life and how there is no turning back from that dark path.

Then you go to sleep...
And the first thing you hear in the morning is THIS as a nice voice tells you to be ready for the next game.

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Sal Scandura

@lee collins This is one of the first classical I listened to as a youth.

Princess stella buibui

It's like tom and jerry show!


Can this please be re uploaded without the cracking at 7:50


No matter what the title is, this is beautiful music. My favorite is Merenque, but this

Shepard Maddux


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Wutaii1 Nostalgia

This song hits pretty much every part of awesome in the library of great music.

mikkel krømmelbein

@Tank Engine 75 you could ignore me as a normal ass person

Tank Engine 75

@mikkel krømmelbein You can ignore like a normal ass person

Constanze Mozart

It's a piece not a song

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