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Johannes Heil Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Cherubim' by these artists:

Bloodlet Heaven sent chosen few slip through the cracks out of…
Even Oxen It's all I can wonder about To be there in Your…
SERPENTWITHFEET I get to be devoted to him I'm like his cherubim Cherubim …
Spirit of Praise Cherubim ne Seraphim Zona zi babaza mandla akho Cherubim ne …

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Future Primitive Alice Cooper Miscellaneous I Am The Future When does a dream…
Future Primitive (intro) Alice Cooper Miscellaneous I Am The Future When does a dream…

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Comments from YouTube:

woop tiedoo

When I am dead and gone and my spirit is leaving to another dimension, I want this to be played on my funeral. There are many beautiful electronic tracks out there.. but this one really does it for me, it is such a simple track if you listen to it and yet so deep and complex at the same time, as is life itself. I sometimes forget about this track and after a while I listen to it over and over again and it never gets bored. It perfectly describes the way I feel about life and death, accepting whatever reality I have to face and I am content whatever happens now and what is coming as it is my destiny.


I always love if a comment section is as peaceful like this. It is only possible because Jo Heil wrote this track. And this is what music should do, bringing the people together😍 Peace, Love and Unity, keep the spirit❤️

Renato Figueiredo

It is one of the deepest comments I've ever seen on a music video

William Kennedy

I would have mozart's requiem played at my funeral. If I didn't drown.


so true

Vinicius Custodio

awesome comment, acceptance <3

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Apen Lullo

We need real music again! Back to 1990-2000! Quality over quantity

J wnt


Nico Steiger

Check out the right producers, like ihatemodels shdw&obscure shape daxj celric and from the label monnom black

Ashlee Thomas

Not if they sound like sweedish house mafia

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