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John Cage Lyrics

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Montse Maján Martínez

I had a thought
But I forgot what
it was
as I watched
a heron fly
beneath the sky
and out into the bay
as time disolved
into the setting sun
reflected on the water
evaporating into the sky
to become a cloud come the morning.

As I searched
my mind
the sea
to find the thought that I thought I had forgot
I remembered that I was thinking
and therefore alive
And that leaves
blown out to the sea
are not as important
as the wind that
blows them there

or the sunrise

come the dawn
~~~Silas Dent~~~

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Jose Garcia

Cuando ya no tenemos un horizonte lejano,cuando las ilusiones se terminan,cuando el pasado es irrelevante,...cuando este presente se nos escapa entre las manos,cuando contamos los días y las horas,y cuando cada minuto cuenta,solo nos queda la felicidad de haber sido uno de todos...

sebastian rivas


Jose Garcia

Si,es verdad,este musico fue un revolucionario en la forma de componer,y pionero en el jaz free.En cuanto al porque aqui...Y porque no?.Saludos y gracias por tu comentario

Miguel Aprícano

Jose Garcia a mi también me caló hondo lo que escribiste... por qué acá? Te lo inspiró la música de Cage?

Jose Garcia

@***** Bueno...Gracias!

Jose Garcia

Hola Jack!,es de mi autoria,a veces escribo frases que despues le pongo musica,si puedo,BLUES...

La Sean G.

John Milton Cage,Jr. was an American avant-garde composer whose inventive compositions and unorthodox ideas profoundly influenced 20th century music. Cage's most iconic work ,4'33 called the "silent piece" conceptualized his idea that there is no such thing as silence. Cage' work is both thought provoking and caries a eerie haunting ability.

"Everything we do is music"
~John Milton Cage,Jr. (1912-1992)

This is one of my favorite peice's from him.

Ethan Hill

@CAW You'd enjoy Monk.


I love it when musicians use emptiness (breaks) in their pieces and I've known 4'33 for a while but looking at it in the context of other works of him such as these (which i am discovering now) makes 4'33 a lot more serious and meaningful to me.

Strings of Peace

@Anthony Leigh Dunstan Beauty is in the ear of the beholder .

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