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Sonata X
John Cage Lyrics

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Ian MacReth

On 1976 I attended the 80th birthday celebration of Roger Sessions at Columbia. I was flabbergasted when Mr. Cage sat down right next to me with a friend. It was right before Harvey Sollberger began a piece and I told him that I loved his work. He shook my hand and asked which one I liked best; I said something like, "Normally, your sonatas for prepared piano, but under the circumstances, 4'33." He put his hand over his mouth to keep from laughing. Later in the intermission I shook hands with Aaron Copeland. It was quite the night!


When I was at school I accidentally knock some pencils and pens into the piano, when I played it, it made the piano sound a bit like a harpsichord. I wondered if anyone had ever thought to do something like that. I asked my music teacher and he redirected me to this. Turns out I was beaten by about 40 years to coming up with the idea :(

Chance Wilson

its quite beautiful. and gives you an unexpected smile when a sweet note is turned into a split second "BEH!" of a muffled string. awesome =D


I think this is my favorite sonata by Cage :) I just think that it's fascinating that so much timbre can come out from a piano just by inserting a eraser, nail, etc. I tried inserting some objects on the strings before, and I just think its remarkable.

Paul Evans

The notes that aren't prepared sound very bright. I love John Cage's work. This must have taken some time to prepare the piano. It sounds great.

the clarinetjo odds and ends

fascinating how Cage uses the Scarlatti's sonata form. the first chord in itself is awesome ! thanks !

Evan Palumbo

I didn't think I was going to like this but I love it. I want this to be one of my recital pieces for school... I just hope they'll let me put what I need into our Steinway...

Gabriel Gallardo Alarcon

Beautiful... I really don't understand how people can thrash something like this. It's really not that hard to listen to it...


@Brian Middleton
I'm guessing you don't watch horror films.


Gabriel Gallardo Because it's trash. Much like over salting a fine meal on purpose, it's only good to be thrown away.

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