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wyndhl eodumegwu

Curtis Fuller plays his 'bone as if it has keys; for his lines are smooth and clear as well as accurate.

His speed belies the fact that he is playing a slide trombone and not a trumpet-like valved 'bone or a saxophone.

'Trane and Lee are as "bad" as Heaven - solid sound quality, virulent attack with pastoral spirituality.

The Band prepares a rhythmic environment for an extemporaneous and fertile take off by each soloist.

Wise posting!

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Dave Skey

Lee Morgan was 19 years old when this was recorded. Think about that!

Alex MacArthur

Can we just talk about 3:31 oh LORD.

raphyel rosby

Man Lee Morgan was about his business..OMG...he ran that song...I saw Curtis Fuller gets props for playing that fast on a trombone, but Lee was a beast..

Riccardo Landi

Sometimes i just wonder what did Miles think about Lee Morgan

John Diamond

I read a Miles quote highly complementary of Lee; as in, pretty much his favorite trumpeter.


GuitaRicky84 probably respected the fuck outa him, would be funny if he did the classic miles and didn’t give a shit though.

gu mong

3:31 My morning call


The beginning to Lee Morgan's solo is crazy

Rudi Mwongozi

Lee Morgan's solo is fuckin' smokin'

Daníel Sigurðsson

I wanna see you play it!

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