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Louis Bock

That is so false lol

Wes did transcribe a lot of Christian solo.
He was playing (publicly) Christian's tunes and solos note for note in many bars, a lot of testimonies relate this fact.

And just for quoting the Man himself :

“Every musician, until he has mastered himself and his
instrument, needs a model…No artist creates in a vacuum,
totally isolated from all influences, he must recognize his
dependence upon his surroundings and upon his heritage; he
must study the styles of accepted masters… Young
musicians play records of their favorite musicians in order
to absorb techniques and personal expressions… I wore out
parts of Charlie Christian recordings.”’

Wes Montgomery from the introduction to the book Wes
Montgomery: Jazz Guitar Method (1968)

You should just realize that transcribing solo is actually the best way to understand jazz language. You always got inspired by a model... Even Charlie Parker took some J.S. Bach things to create bebop. It is a fantasm to believe that you can create something from nothing.

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Leo Richardson

my left ear sure did enjoy this video

Trevor Robertson Double Bass

Imagine listening to Mr PC and not being able to hear Mr PC. That is a tragedy right there

Sebastian Prz

@dylan foley


@Indominus Wolf Same lmao

Ulises Urzua

Your right ear has the rhythm section including Paul Chambers who JC dedicated this fantastic tune

Legal Eagles

Your left ear has good taste in music lol

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Zed P

Recorded in one take. Yep. Just mentioning.

Patrick Cornelius

kills me that I had to sit through a Home Depot Ad to hear this, and John Coltrane's estate won't see one penny of that revenue.

Javier Anastasi

@Dose of Truth [email protected]


I had to sit through I "hot single russian men in your area add"

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